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Huge thanks to the local community and beyond for the generous offers of assistance and supplies. We truly could not do all that we do for the people and animals of San Diego without your support.    

ANIMAL ASSISTANCE: If you have companion animals or livestock you cannot evacuate yourself, please call our Animal Rescue Reserve at (619) 299-0871. We will get you the assistance you need!

Supplies: If you are in need of pet supplies due to the recent fires, you may visit the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA during regular business hours at:

  • San Diego Campus
    5500 Gaines Street 
    San Diego, CA 92110
    619-299-7012 extension 0 

If you have lost of found a pet during the fires, please click here to see where the local shelters are.

The San Diego Humane Society recommends the following tips to keep your pets calm during times of disaster:

  • Frightened pets tend to flee – Make sure ID tags are current and pets are properly micro-chipped.
  • Animals are more sensitive than people, so try to shelter them from loud noises and dramatic visuals. Prepare a smaller area for pets such as the bathroom or a crate—with all their favorite toys and extra bedding—where they can hide and feel safe.
  • Lastly, remember to keep your cool. Pets are very in tune to our moods. Remaining calm will reduce the chances of fleeing or hiding out of fear. 


May 18, 3 p.m.: The Cocos Fire is 85% contained with new containment lines being established.  CalFire intends for all evacuations to be lifted by 6 p.m. Our Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Rescue Reserve teams are working with previously evacuated families to return their animals to them. 

May 16, 5 p.m.: The Carlsbad and Bonsall fires are reported to be 100% contained.  

The Camp Pendleton (Tomahawk) fire is reported to be 65% contained.  San Diego Humane will be availbale to assist in moving horses, if called upon.   

The Cocos Fire (San Marcos) is now reported at 10% contained.  Many more assets are now being focused on this area.

Humane Law Enforcement has completed all the welfare checks behind the fire lines and all homes checked were stable.  

May 16, 10 a.m.:  Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) staff and our Animal Rescue Reserve volunteers were on duty until approximately 10:00 pm last night.  This can be considered a sign of slightly improving conditions because the night before we were out until at least 1:00 am.  We had a team stay all night at the large animal Receiving area.  This location will need to be monitored closely – it has almost reached capacity and there is some concern about conditions today (particularly if increased smoke and ash occur).

The Carlsbad fire is almost all contained.  They have lifted all the evacuation areas and allowing the public return to their homes.  The fire around Camp Pendleton did have flare ups and was threatening the Fallbrook area for a time but this area is now contained.

The major fire of concern continues to be in San Marcos (Cocos fire) that is only 10% contained.  Winds aren’t expected to be as strong today as the past two days but winds will still be present.  We will need to closely track the behavior of this fire all day – with “drama” expected to start with the winds picking up later this morning.

A focus for at least the first half of the day for HLE will be checking on animals at properties inside the road blocks that are not accessible to the residents as yet.  We will go in to check the welfare of the animals, feed and water as needed, and will offer to remove dogs and bring them to the Humane Society upon request.  Cats and other animals will continue to shelter in place. 

May 15, 7:00 p.m.: The San Diego Humane Society has established a temporary animal shelter to assist evacuated families with pets at the Red Cross shelter in San Marcos.  Our humane officers and Animal Rescue Reserve volunteers are also conducting animal welfare checks throughout the affected communities.

We have spent much of the day rescuing animals, and have established a temporary care facility for large animals and livestock.  We are currently caring for 28 horses, 2 goats, several sheep, 15 chickens and 3 turkeys.  

We continue to be on call in the affected areas to be available as needed. 

Animal Rescue

May 15, 5:00 p.m. - The fire at Camp Pendleton has jumped its enclosure and is now a threat to the Fallbrook area and south.  Depending on winds, the area north of Oceanside could be threatened over the next 24 hours.  This is a concern due to the large amount of livestock are in the area.

The fire in and around San Marcos is still very active.  Heavy smoke is now a concern to Escondido and surrounding areas.  If the threat of smoke heightens, we may have to consider moving our current Receiving Area to a new location, south of where it is now. 

The Receiving Area now has 28 horses, a number of sheep, goats and other farm animals.  Most domestic animals rescued are being held at Escondido Humane Society.

May 15, 9:45 a.m. - San Diego Humane Society has staff deployed assisting community members with pets at the Red Cross shelter in San Marcos and is providing animal welfare checks throughout the affected communities.  Staff and volunteers are also caring for animals, including horses, already evacuated from the area.  We're continuing to be staged in the area to be available, as needed. 

May 14, 5:00p.m.San Diego Humane Society was dispatched on Wednesday, May 14 for evacuation and relief efforts.  We are assisting in the evacuation of animals in Oceanside and along the 76 and 395. We have also dispatched trailers to assist with the evacuation of large animals.  


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Pet Boarding Facilities:  The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA does have some limited boarding opportunites.  If you need assistance with your animals, you may contact us at 619-299-7012 extension 0, to learn more about our options.  


If you would like to help, the best way to offer assistance is to make a donation to support our rescue, relief and assistance efforts.

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