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Pet Retail Ban - bunny, cat, dogThere is a new movement in the City of Oceanside to implement a ban on the sale of puppies/dogs, kittens/cats and rabbits from retail stores in Oceanside, similar to the ban recently passed in the City of San Diego.  The San Diego Humane Society supports this effort. We believe this is a vital step to help prevent sourcing of animals from puppy mills, catteries and other large wholesale breeding establishments. It’s a positive step in protecting animals not just in our own backyard, but across the country.

If you agree, and you live in Oceanside, there’s a way for you to help! Cut and paste the message below to your local City Council member and let them know that you support these efforts. It’s easy!

Please send your letter soon, as we're hoping this topic will be discussed at an Oceanside City Council meeting soon (it could be as soon as September 25th).

STEP 1: Identify your representative here (or send a letter to all 5 representatives!):

STEP 2: Open your email and cut and paste your councilmember’s email address from the list below:

Mayor Jim Wood

Deputy Mayor Jerome Kern

Councilmember Esther Sanchez

Councilmember Gary Felien

Councilmember Jack Feller

Step 3: Cut and paste this letter in your email to your councilmember. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number, and personalize the letter for your councilmember:


Your Name
City, State, Zip

The Honorable (First Name Last Name)
Oceanside City Hall

Dear COUNCILMEMBER/MAYOR (insert Last Name here),

I am aware that the City of Oceanside is considering a ban on the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores. I am writing to let you know that I fully support any ordinance that would help prevent sourcing animals from puppy mills, catteries and other large wholesale breeding establishments, while not preventing responsible breeders who care about thoughtful placement of their animals.

The “Humane Model” already being offered by leading pet supply stores like Petco and Pet Smart is the preferred method of making adoptable animals available to the public and one that I fully advocate. Giving greater awareness to lost and homeless shelter animals not only helps the local animal shelters, but also helps our community.

I understand that there have been 34 cities in North America that have already implemented similar laws, including the City of San Diego in August 2013. Animals are an important part of our community, and I believe that it’s our responsibility to set a positive example and take action that supports animals.

Thank you so much for voting to support this important cause.




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