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Of the many wonderful available pets at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, these pets are extra special because one of the Humane Society's staff or volunteers has chosen to nominate them as his or her Employee or Volunteer Pick. Read below to find out why Humane Society staff and volunteers love these adoptable pets!

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Sweet Freya is ready to give you her heart!! 

 Am Pit Bull Terrier, Female

Lovable Luda's loungin' on the bench!

Am Pit Bull Terrier, Female 

Tuffy is sweeter than sweet

Am Pit Bull Terrier, Female



Pet: Luda (132249)

Volunteer: Dana O.

Luda loves to smile!

A beloved Canine Companion who has been volunteering at our North Campus for quite some time, Dana O., simply loves Luda! And she has selected this adorable pooch as her volunteer pick:

What do you like best about your pick’s personality? "She is very laid back, smart and affectionate." 

What first drew you to your pick? "Her wiggly butt greeting!"

Lllllovable Luda!Is there something special about the way your pick looks? "She has a white hourglass-shaped pattern from her nose to the back of her head."

What is your pick’s coolest/silliest/most fun trait? "After a game of fetch she likes to come and sit on the bench with me (sometimes in my lap) and watch the world go by."

Anything else? "She is super smart and willing to learn anything you want to teach her.  She knows all the basic commands with shake and roll over thrown in for good measure."



Pet: Freya (126314)

Volunteer: Terry T.

Freya would love to show you her wiggle dance!

Terry T., who is one of our wonderful Canine Companion volunteers at our Central Campus, has picked the beautiful 2 1/2-year old doggie named Freya as her favorite pick! Here's what Terry had to say about her:

What do you like best about your pick’s personality?  "She enjoys learning tricks and performing for treats - she knows sit, lay, shake, and is even learning to belly crawl."

What first drew you to your pick?  "She holds stuffed animals in her mouth and wags her tail like crazy through her kennel window." 

Is there something special about the way your pick looks? "She's a stunning beauty - fawn colored with charcoal markings around her eyes and muzzle."

Freya's big eyes will melt your heart!

What is your pick’s coolest/silliest/most fun trait? "She sometimes only blinks one eye at a time!"

Anything else? "She is so sweet and so ready for a second chance at a forever home." 


Pet: Tuffy (126714)

Employee: Amie W.

Sweet Tuffy gets treated to some PB from Amie!

Amie, one of the certified teachers on our staff who does educational outreach, simply adores the sweet senior doggie named Tuffy. Here's Amie's explanation for the bond she feels with this special gal: 

"The first time I saw Tuffy, I was drawn in by her big beautiful eyes and sorrowful expression. This girl wears her heart on her sleeve! From the minute you meet this sweet girl you know she is longing for a forever-family of Tuffy & Amie share a smile!her own. She takes her time when she meets a new person, but once you gain her trust (and having some peanut butter doesn’t hurt!) she blossoms into a love-bug. Tuffy embodies what I love most about the animals I see come through SDHS, an amazing resilience and capacity to love and trust no matter what circumstances that brought them in our door."

Come to our Central Campus to meet sweet-souled Tuffy today!



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