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Mouse and Wifi

Their Story:
A Cox Communications employee was shocked after he opened a box at work and found two newborn kittens clinging to life inside. The two kittens are now recovering after they were found inside a box packed with fiberglass equipment that arrived from Hollywood. We named them Mouse and Wifi.

"They actually came to us with their umbilical cord still attached," said Jenny Bonomini, Manager of our Kitten Nursery. "What we think happened was the mom had the babies and she put them in a safe spot … and she left. Then they got boxed up and they got shipped."

As one of the only around-the-clock kitten nurseries in the country, we’re committed providing 24-hour care that newborn, orphaned kittens need. Mouse and Wifi will live in the nursery for a few more weeks, where they will receive around-the-clock care. They will then go to a foster home. When they are eight weeks old, the kittens will be spayed and neutered and will then be ready for adoption.

Mouse and Wifi 2

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Mouse and Wifi

June 27 Update:

Mouse and Wifi are ready to find their new home! 

We’re so happy to tell you that Mouse and Wifi, the kittens who made the treacherous journey from LA to San Diego in a Cox Communications box, are officially ready for adoption! Orphaned, newborn kittens have such a struggle to stay alive, and their rough start made the first weeks of their lives even harder. They have been through many ups and downs as they have grown into the kittens they are today…and they did it together. Both kittens are now happy, healthy and growing strong, and we would like them to be adopted together. They have developed such a bond of friendship and support and it would be a shame to split them up!

If you’d like to open your heart and home and adopt Mouse and Wifi, please apply in person at our 5500 Gaines Street location in San Diego. We will be accepting applications through Thursday, July 3 at 6 p.m. Please include in your application a paragraph of no more than 250 words about why you would be the best pet guardian for Mouse and Wifi. We will contact the lucky adopter by July 8th.


June 16 Update:

Mouse and Wifi are just about 2 pounds, which means they can now be spayed and neutered, and then adopted! They have been living in a foster home to get their weight up, and this is what their foster mom has to say about them:

“Wifi is a sprinter and Mouse is a climber! And these guys are really healthy! Everything distracts them and they are alert and happy. I'm amazed at how calm they can be when they want to be. After playtime, they sleep for hours at a time, when the lights are out or all night long. But once that food is in their belly they love to sprint in random directions and then climb to seemingly impossible places -- like my bookshelf or my desk. And they love to wrestle with each other, or with a toy. But they love people, especially people who like to play with them.

It's still hard to imagine two healthy and hyperactive brothers, so lively and funny and cute as they are, having endured what must have been quite a terrifying journey in their first week of life.  I can't wait to see who will become the forever parents for these two little boys. Lucky people.”

Stay tuned for more info about adopting Mouse & Wifi!!

Mouse and Wifi_foster.jpg


June 3 Update:

They are 8-weeks old today! They are now off the bottle and eating all solid food. The staff at the Kitten Nursery calls them “little piglets” because they eat so much! Which is good, because they still need to gain weight. Once they weigh enough, they can be spayed/neutered and available for adoption!

Mouse and Wifi May 28.jpg

May 12 Update:

Thank you for all your love and well wishes for Mouse & Wifi. They are both doing MUCH better! They’re still a little small for their age, but they are gaining weight steadily. They’ve even started using their litter box and have moved from a bottle to dry food! They’re growing up so quickly!! At this age kittens are just starting to see colors and shapes, and their ears are opening for the first time. You can see the curiosity in their eyes as they experience new sights and sounds, and they are having fun learning how to play together!

Mouse and Wifi playing


April 30 Update:

We need your loving thoughts sent to the kitten nursery this week. Mouse and Wifi are struggling in their third week of life. They've been having tummy troubles and aren't gaining weight to our satisfaction. Neonate kittens are especially fragile and these types of health issues can be common, especially after such a stressful beginning to life. We are optimistic that they'll pull through because we're giving them all the love and care we can administer. Thank you for your compassionate thoughts,­ we will keep you updated on their progress!

Mouse and Wifi 


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