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Animal Compassion Awards

2014 Animal Compassion Awards Winners!

The Animal Compassion Awards recognize and pay tribute to extraordinary animals and animal lovers throughout San Diego County.

Nominations are collected in three categories: Animal Impact, Humane Hero, and Pet-Friendly Destination.

Submissions for the 2015 Compassion Awards will be accepted in late 2014.

Animal Impact Award

This award recognizes the powerful and unique impact that people have on animals, and vice versa.

Winner: Dogs on Deployment

Military couple 1st Lt Alisa Sieber-Johnson and LT Shawn Johnson were well aware of the challenges of a military life. What they weren't prepared for was facing those challenges with pets. So they founded Dogs on Deployment, a non-profit which provides an online network for service members to find volunteers who will board their pets during their owner's service commitments.

1st Lt Alisa Sieber-Johnson says, "Military members are responsible members of the community. We should be responsible pet owners just like we are in every other aspect of our lives. To know that my husband and I have started an organization that has made a change for the betterment of our military community is phenomenal."

Humane Hero Award

This award recognizes an individual, business, or group that goes above and beyond to help animals.

Winner: Councilmember Lorie Zapf, San Diego City Council

In 2013, San Diego became the thirty-second city in North America to prohibit retail pet sales, making it illegal to sell dogs, cats, and rabbits within city limits, thanks to San Diego City Councilwoman Lorie Zapf. Because of this, San Diego is now a designated "humane city," meaning pet stores are encouraged to partner with local animal rescue groups to stop the flow of animals from puppy mills and other breeding facilities.

Councilmember Zapf says, "One less animal for retail sale means one more that will be adopted. I feel really proud that I had success in something to do with making San Diego a more humane city."

Pet-Friendly Destination Award

This award recognizes a local business that promotes and supports an extraordinary pet-friendly environment.

Winner: Jeff Levitt, Owner of SHADES Oceanfront Bistro

San Diego is consistently ranked among the pet-friendliest cities in the nation. No one understands the importance of involving pets in our day-to-day lives better than Jeff Levitt, owner of SHADES Oceanfront Bistro in Ocean Beach. Jeff and his family have created a place that both people and their pets love to visit.

Beyond that, SHADES has helped the San Diego Humane Society and other animal welfare groups find homes for more than 175 pets in the past two years.

Jeff says, "Anything we can do to help promote pet adoptions within the community, we're more than happy to do; it's something we love to do anyway, so it's just been a win-win!"


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