San Diego Humane Society and SPCA



Dr Gary Weitzman, DVM

Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA
President and CEO

Gary is top dog at this animal-loving organization. He is a seasoned animal welfare professional with more than 20 years of experience, and he is a licensed veterinarian, so he speaks dog and cat too!

ANIMALS: Betty is a lovable pit bull who lives for belly rubs, kisses and long naps filled with snoring. Jake is a three-legged German Shepherd who was once abused and now lives the high life by the beach.




Katherine Shenar
Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff

Howling our message and flexing her creativity are all in a day's work for Katherine. Whether it's sharing heartwarming animal stories or crafting memorable messages, she makes sure our friends in the community know who we are and what we do. And every dog in the office knows she keeps a cozy dog bed under her desk!

ANIMALS: Katherine and her husband share their home with two dogs, two cats, and an endless stream of foster kittens.

WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? "Jennifer Coolidge (c'mon that's funny!)"



Kelly Riseley
Chief Financial Officer

Counting cash, balancing books and making certain our finances are flawless is what makes this cool cat purr. As a seasoned financial and accounting executive, Kelly spends most days scratching through reports, crunching numbers (not kibble) and curiously exploring with her calculator in hand, of course.



Kim Shannon, CAWA
Chief Operating Officer

As the master of orchestrating all moving parts within our organization, Kim Shannon is affectionately known as "the jack of all trades," "juggler extraordinaire," and simply "unbelievable." She is highly skilled at thinking outside the box and making our guests, both two-legged and four-legged, feel like they are part of our family.

ANIMALS: 2 dogs: Buddy (10 year old blonde shepherd) and Kaiser (4 month old black/tan shepherd); 1 cat: Kiko (18 year old black short hair).




Sally Costello
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Sally guides the San Diego Humane Society toward achieving its strategic goals. Keeping our mission on track while keeping a smile on her face is all in a day's work for Sally!

ANIMALS: Rumpus, a Great Dane/Ridgeback/Boxer mix who thinks he's a pony. Skye, a Westie/Schnauzer mix who thinks she is queen, and Sam and Lucy, two tabbies who really do own the house and the world.

IF YOU WERE AN ANIMAL, YOU'D BE: "A meerkat because it is so fun to be part of a large family (and they are just too dang cute)!"



Stephen MacKinnon
Chief of Humane Law Enforcement

Cats, dogs, mice, hamsters, rabbits, goats, horses... Steve is a hero to all animals, big and small! He works tirelessly to ensure that all animals stay safe and are well cared for. If there was a "saint of animals" award, we're sure Chief would win, paws down!

ANIMALS: Sam, a Chocolate Lab; Cricket, a Catahoula; Kiera, the friendliest pit bull ever; and Dawson and Goose two lovable but unidentifiable mutts - all from shelters.

IF HE WAS AN ANIMAL: "Since I can already fly, I'd like the ability to make loose dog hair disappear."



Trish Wagner, SPHR
Vice President of People Development

Trish leads both Employee Engagement and Volunteer Engagement for the San Diego Humane Society. A tireless advocate of all things people, Trish keeps the energy high, ensures staff is rewarded for their hard work, and keeps our policies and benefits up to date. She can also be seen walking someone's dog at least once on any given day!

ANIMALS: Ms. Panda, a 6-year old Boston Terrier mix, and Duke, an 11-year young, Lab mix. At home he is nicknamed "Marley's Ghost," due to his mischievous behavior. Both are alums of the San Diego Humane Society.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPERPOWER WHAT WOULD IT BE? "The power to heal others; animals and people."



Geraldine D'Silva
Executive Director, PAWS San Diego

As a relentless defender of the special love between humans and their pets, Geraldine ensures animals and their human families can stay together by overseeing our PAWS San Diego program. Thanks to Geraldine's passionate and expert leadership, this program continues to improve the quality of life for people and pets throughout the San Diego region, while also helping to prevent beloved companion animals from ending up in local shelters.

ANIMALS: Ziggy Stardust, who is a black lab mix (most likely mixed with mischief!).

I'LL BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: "As a child, I used to take my pet chipmunk, Squeaky, to school in my pocket!"



Jennifer Brehler
Senior Director, Escondido Campus

Jennifer is the mastermind behind all aspects of operation at our Escondido Campus. Each day, she works diligently to ensure San Diego Humane Society programs are running efficiently at her campus and that there is harmonious synchronization between staff, volunteers and animals.

ANIMALS: Jennifer has four dogs, two cats and three parrots.

IF YOU WERE AN ANIMAL, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? "An owl because they have a quiet confidence about them and they always stop, listen and observe before taking action!"



Stacey Zeitlin
Senior Director of Community Engagement

Stacey is affectionately known as "the rock" of the Community Engagement department. Stacey is in charge of leading the creative team that carries out marketing and community outreach efforts for San Diego Humane Society. Her nickname comes from the unwavering support and expert guidance she provides to her team, as well as her reputation for never missing a deadline or detail!

ANIMALS: Stacey has two tuxedo cats, named Chira and Jackson.

I'LL BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: "I absolutely love to travel and experience other cultures. Both of my cats are named after places my husband and I have visited: Chira is named for the Pachira Lodge in Tortuguera, Costa Rica. Jackson is named for Jackson Hole, Wyoming."



Austin Gates
Senior Director, Oceanside Campus

While having more than 25 years of animal welfare experiences is impressive, Austin is also revered for her ability to create and sing catchy, animal-themed tunes such as "Tags and Collars for All" or the "Spay and Neuter Jingle." In addition to sharing her musical talents, Austin also serves as the fearless leader of our Oceanside Campus, ensuring San Diego Humane Society programs reach the families and animals that need our help in the north west San Diego region.

ANIMALS: Austin's family consists of 3 cats and 2 dogs.

IF YOU HAD ONE SUPERPOWER WHAT WOULD IT BE? "That I could wave my hand and overnight, every feral cat in the world would be spayed or neutered!"



Board of Trustees

Chair: Susan Davis

Chair - Finance Committee: Debra Patterson, CFP

Chair - Board Governance Committee: Robin Muck

Secretary: Colleen Blackmore Reilly



Sandy Arledge

Eve Benton

Allen Blackmore

Richard Bockoff

James C. Brailean, Ph.D.

Ken Cohen

George Coles

Laura Cyphert, CPA

Diane Glow, Ed.D.

William Lafleur

Lisa Miller, M.D.

Dr. Judith Muñoz

Pat Nevin

Matthew O'Connell, Ph.D.

Chip Rome

Life Members:

John Parker

Vi and Dan McKinney