San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Employee and Volunteer Picks

Of the many wonderful animals available at the San Diego Humane Society, these pets are extra special because one of the Humane Society's staff or volunteers has chosen to nominate them as his or her Employee or Volunteer Pick.

Baby Kitty (141190)

Volunteer: Kathy L.

Baby Kitty is looking for a loving home! Cat companion extraordinaire, Kathy L., loves Baby Kitty's sweet, affectionate nature. She couldn't wait to share why this Domestic Short Hair is her volunteer pick.

What do you like best about her personality?
"She is very affectionate!"

What first drew you to your pick?
"She looked like she wanted attention."

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
"She is very pretty tabby."

What is her coolest/silliest/most fun trait?
"She LOVES to be petted, and she purrs and rubs against my hand and arm the whole time I'm with her."

Anything else you'd like to add?
"Baby Kitty is very mellow and VERY LOVABLE."

Lenora (134448)

Volunteer: Dana O.

Lenora llloves bellyrubs & kisses!!It was 4-year old Lenora's cute pink nose that first drew Dana's gaze. Dana is one of the awesome Canine Companion volunteers at our Oceanside Campus for dogs who added, "I also love her big, brown patches!"

What do you like best about her?
"She is so happy and affectionate!"

What's her coolest/silliest/most fun trait?
"She likes to sit in your lap and turn upside down for a belly rub. She also likes to give you a bath while you pet her. She will lick your face, your arms, your hands. She loves kisses!"

Anything else you'd like to share?
"Lenora is a champion fetch player. She may be just a little on the chubby side, but that doesn't stop her. She will play forever if you let her!"

Be sure to drop by our Oceanside Campus on San Luis Rey Road to meet this lovable gal today!

Pippin (118490)

Employee: Nahja B.

Pippin's on the lookout for bed-time snuggles...Here are Nahja's sweet sentiments about Pippin:

"Pippin was brought in by her previous owner in April of 2013. She was described as an independent kitty, but we were also told that she can be extremely affectionate at bed time. My heart breaks a little bit when I think about how Pippin has been missing her bed-time snuggles for over a year now.

Pippin enjoys being brushed, and will even drop her fancy-lady facade to play with a feather toy from time to time. Check out the adorable video of Pippin to find out why she is described as a "self-assured," "wise," "beautiful," and "chillaxin'" cat!

Pippin's previous owner shared with us that Pippin can be shy around strangers, and that it would take about an hour for her to warm up to visitors at the house. I think this is the main reason why Pippin is still here at the shelter. She's not the type of kitty who puts on a great show in front of potential adopters - but that doesn't mean she won't warm up to you! She just needs a little time to settle in, and maybe get a good night's sleep on a cozy bed.

It's true, we do our best to offer an abundance of love and care to animals during their stay with us. But, as Pippin knows, there's simply no place like (your) home."

Please come meet this special girl at our San Diego Campus on Gaines Street!


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