San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Employee and Volunteer Picks

Of the many wonderful animals available at San Diego Humane Society, these pets are extra special because one of our staff or volunteers has chosen to nominate them as their Employee or Volunteer Pick.



Lilah always has a smile and a wagging tail!


Buddy's a BIG love!


Sweetheart Newbo Can't Wait to Meet You! 


Beautiful & Playful Blanca is waiting for YOU!




Lilah (138762)

Volunteer: Shari N.

Lilah always has a smile and a wagging tail!Canine Enrichment Assistant, Shari N., can't say enough good things about volunteer and staff favorite alike, Lilah. We simply can't understand how the senior sweetheart has been in our care for so long, and we hope that someone out there will see past her age (at 8 years old, she's BARELY a senior) and her breed (she's a pretty pittie), and come adopt this love at our Oceanside Campus on San Luis Rey Road!

What do you like best about her personality?
"She is so friendly and loving."

What first drew you to your pick?
"Lilah came to my attention by the way she always barked to say hello when she saw me, and then when I came to her kennel to greet her, she was so loving and happy."

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
"Lilah is a beautiful dog who seems to smile with her eyes and to genuinely appreciate attention and love."

What is her coolest/silliest/most fun trait?
"Lilah is awesome because she is full of energy and loves to play, but she also loves to snuggle. She loves it when I come inside her kennel to pet her, and she puts her head on my lap so we can relax together. She also loves toys and is very good at obeying commands."

Anything else you'd like to add?
"Lilah has been at the shelter for a long time and is so ready to go to her forever home. She is a very special dog who has a love of life, is happy and loves to play, and is also very sweet and affectionate. She would be a great addition to a family as she is fun, loving, and beautiful."



Buddy (166770)

Employee: Tara C.

Buddy's a Big LOVE!Staff member, Tara, who works in our Development Department, was quickly drawn to the larger-than-life kitty. See, Buddy is quite overweight. In fact, the 6-year old feline is technically obese, weighing close to 30 lbs (even after losing almost 6 lbs since being in our care)! But his size wasn't what drew Tara in, it was how scared he first was. He would hide in the corner of the office where he is currently being cared for and monitored by one of the Directors here. But it wasn't long, according to Tara, before his sweet personality came shining through.  

What do you like best about his personality?
"He is a total sweetheart. It takes him a little while to warm up, but once he is comfortable, he just can't get enough scratches." 

What first drew you to your pick?
"He was scared when he first came to Development and was hiding in the corner." 

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
"Buddy is a BIG guy! He definitely needs someone who will monitor his weight."

What is her coolest/silliest/most fun trait?
"He loves to be brushed and scratched. He gets really into it and will flop down and roll around purring. So cute!!" 

Anything else you'd like to add?
"He can be shy at first, but that makes you feel even better when he starts to know you. He loves attention. Buddy is a big guy with a lot of love to give."

If you are interested in meeting this enormous love of a cat, please stop by our San Diego Campus on Gaines Street or call us for more information at 619.299-7012.



Beau (154144)

Volunteers: Dana O. AND Michelle A.

Sweetheart Beau Can't Wait to Meet You!That's right. Beau is so beloved that two of the Canine Companion volunteers at our Oceanside Campus have chosen him as their pick! Both Dana and Michelle simply love this sweet, affectionate doggie and neither can understand how he has remained at the shelter for so long. The 4-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier has made quite an impression on the staff, as well, who love his wagging tail and kisses.

We can't wait for him to find a loving home where he can lap up the love non-stop. He'll return it in spades, we promise!

Here's what each of our volunteers had to say about this special guy:

What do you like best about his personality?
"He is very mellow and sweet."
"He is so sweet and fun loving."

What first drew you to your pick?
"His sad eyes. It's just how they look though. He's a happy boy."
"His desire for affection and to be loved first drew me. Beau is so sweet and very well-mannered. He just loves attention and you can't help falling in love with him when he looks at you with those beautiful eyes." 

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
"He is a beautiful brown brindle boy. He has tiger stripes."
"The way he holds your eye contact is pretty unique."

What is his coolest/silliest/most fun trait?
"He runs in circles when he sees me and he licks my face the whole time I am petting him."
"He LOVES to run and is absolutely a PERFECT running partner. He will run at whatever pace you set and will stay right with you with a loose leash. If you don't like running, he will walk with a loose leash as well."

Anything else you'd like to add?
"He knows sit, down, watch me and leave it. He is very easy going and calm and will make someone a wonderful pet!"
"Beau has been at the Oceanside Campus for a long time, but he still has a great attitude and is a volunteer and staff favorite. He knows how to sit and lie down, and he loves belly rubs. He is such a sweet boy who will make some lucky family very happy." 

Please come by our Oceanside Campus on San Luis Rey Rd and fall in love with Beau today! 



Blanca (138126)

Volunteer: Jane M.

Beautiful & Playful Blanca is waiting for YOU!The beautiful 6-year old feline, Blanca, has found a fan in one of our beloved Cat Companions at our Oceanside Campus on Airport Road. Jane M. calls her volunteer pick a "sweet little princess" and thinks this Domestic Short Hair is simply the cat's meow!

What do you like best about her?
"She can be a little shy at first but she is really a love cat, waiting patiently for her forever home."

What first drew you to your pick?
"Her beautiful all-white coat, yellow eyes and sweet face. (I have an all-white cat at home.) She is delicate and feminine and loves attention!"

What's her coolest/silliest/most fun trait?
"Her low-key diva quality! She is dainty and ladylike, and a beauty of a cat, too! She wants to be an only pet, no sharing attention with other cats, dogs or children."

Anything else you'd like to share?
"She is just the right age for a single person in a quiet home - she's 6 years old - the perfect 'middle age'! She's not a rowdy high-maintenance teenager, she's settled and calm and in good health. She has been in San Diego Humane Society's care for many months and she is waiting for the right person to take her home so she can be a shining light in their life!"