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Adoption Success Stories

After putting so much love and care into the animals that grace our habitats, we always are excited to hear about how they are doing in their new homes. Enjoy the stories of some of these "happy tails" or submit your own success story about a pet that you adopted from us.

Has an animal changed your life? Email your story to Jenna: Your story could be featured on our website, in printed material, or in San Diego Pets Magazine!

Moxie (a.k.a. Glitter)
Adopted from Oceanside Campus 

Moxie and 11-month old are BFFs!!

Like Peas in a Pod!

I went into the humane society alone with my daughter and fell in love with a pup named Glitter. I told myself that I would come back the next day, and that if she was still there that it was meant to be. Sure enough, the next day I dragged my husband and our little one to the shelter off San Luis Rey rd. I was beyond excited to see that Glitter was still there! She had come in as a stray, so no one knew much about her. Turns out she's the best dog I could have ever asked for. We took her home and she immediately bonded with our 10 month old daughter. She lets her do whatever she wants to her! Moxie (aka glitter) lets our little one climb on her, pull her toes... -- ANYTHING, and she just lays there! It's amazing! Moxie is a giant cuddle bug and has claimed the loveseat as her own personal throne. She sleeps in our bed with us, and enjoys regular trips to the dog park. She is the best dog we could have ever hoped for. She even drops her toys when you ask her! ;) Thank you for helping us find a new member of our family.


-The Levandowski's



Adopted from Escondido Campus 

Brownie's Clearly at Home!!

We adopted Brownie, a 6lb, 6 oz. chihuahua/dachsund mix in January 2015. He was very timid and shy for a few days, but has become a complete loveable lap dog!

He had no idea how to play with toys until last week, but now he's a total joy to watch! He knows so many commands that we are still finding new words to date.

Thank you for bringing such a joy to all of our lives and is totally spoiled! Enclosing a few picures of our
furr-ever love.


Thank you again,

Jodi Dickson and family



Adopted from San Diego Campus 

Tessa is no longer a bashful Boo in her loving home!

My boyfriend and I adopted Tessa, formerly "Boo," as a kitten from the San Diego Humane Society back in December 2014. She was the only shy and very scared kitten among many playful, outgoing kittens. We fell in love with her right away and took her home. Much to our surprise, immediately upon her arrival to her new home, she came out of her shell and she's now a sweet, affectionate little lady who loves to play and cuddle!

We're so happy we were able to bring her home because we can't imagine life without her!

Thank you SDHS!!

Cassandra & Colton


Adopted from Escondido Campus 

Rhonda and her happy family!

We adopted Rhonda (still known as Rhonda – it just suited her!) at the Escondido campus in January.  We are first-time dog owners and couldn’t have picked a better pet for our family! 

Rhonda is a Rottweiler/Lab mix and about 6 years old.  She was underweight when we adopted her and had been recently spayed, so she was a little slow going at first. She’s like a new dog now though, has gained a whopping 23 pounds (she’s now at her ideal weight at 91 pounds), and gives so much love and attention to our sons, as they also do for her. 

She is the most gentle and sweet girl, loves everyone she meets, has great in-house habits, and has learned and adapted to our family life very quickly.  She loves her daily walks around our neighborhood, going to Miramar Lake, PQ canyon, and just visiting with the boys and their friends in the backyard. 

Rhonda has brought so much love and joy into our home – she was truly meant to be with our family and we are grateful every day that we found eachother!

Thank you!

The Ostrowski Family

Kas (a.k.a. Onyx)
Adopted from San Diego Campus 

Happy family!

Thank you so much. She has been doing so great, I can't imagine life without my little princess.

Here's a few pictures: Kas getting her x-mas presents; agility training tunnel; feeling sleepy, during the world cup cheering for USA!!, her and Vecna - they get along so well, peas in a pod indeed.

Thanks for all of your hard work with her and your faith in her. She is a great dog! Getting her has enriched our family. I hope this message finds you well and gives you a fraction of the joy this wonderful canine has brought us!

All the best, 

Timo, Kira, Vecna and Kas (formerly Onyx, the dog of action)


It's hard work being such a fabulous kitty!Tee hee!

I adopted little Fred a year ago when my room mate and I heard about the amazing discount on kittens at the San Diego Humane Society for $10 each! We decided it was fate, and she drove me and sat with me to wait our turn to pick out our new kitten. I immediately picked up this tiny gray and black striped kitten that was asleep on the chair and fell in love. Fred is definitely the king of our apartment, and all of my room mates and I love having him around to cuddle when college gets too stressful. He travels with me when I go home on breaks from school and is best friends with What a handsome fella!It's a good life!our family dog. His long, curly tail and love for playing fetch clearly make him a unique kitten, and I am so glad my room mate and I decided to adopt our special little "discount kitty" a year ago. 

Thank you! 



Gina's lovin' lounging in her new home!New happy family!

We adopted Gina at the end of February and we are just so in love with her! At first she was shy but as soon as we got home she started licking us and jumping up on us filled with excitement, she has definitely opened up to us! She is always playing with our 9- month old son and licks him like crazy! He pulls her toys and she gently pulls back. She is very aware of where he is and walks around him.  

And she is a huge cuddle bug! She sleeps with us in the bed and has not had one accident in the house! When we're watching TV she gets up on the sofa and falls asleep! She knows a whole bunch of simple commands and she loves playing fetch and running with my husband! She is also great on car rides - always hops in the front seat but when we all go out she gets in the back and lays with our son.

We are so thankful to have found such an amazing dog to add to our family! 


Liz and Josh G.

Lulu Bean (a.k.a. Louise)

Lulu Bean in her cat tree Lulu Bean looking purrfectly content in new home

We rescued Louise (aka our little Lulu Bean") this past December.
She is now 10 months old and has brought nothing but joy into our lives! We've both never had a pet cat before and she is definitely the best kitten we could have chosen. Her activity level definitely fits us. She is friendly, cuddly, playful and is small enough to look like our "permanent kitten"! We love her! Not a day goes by since we've had her that we don't look at her with awe and wonder how we ever livedCuddly companion! without her. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have our forever friend and companion :-)

Ernirose & Cody

Shadow (a.k.a. Telly)
Adopted from Oceanside Campus (for dogs)

BFFs on a walkBest Friends, Jude & his Shad

Hi there!

I recently adopted Telly from the Oceanside campus, and I just wanted to update you all on how wonderfully he's doing! He truly has made our little home feel complete.

My 4-year old renamed him Shadow, and it's the perfect name because he really never leaves either of our sides. He's such a cuddlebug, and loves to lick us and cuddle up on the couch. He's already claimed two spots on the couch as his own, as well as made himself at home on my son's bed at night. We love to take him for walks to the local coffee shop, and hang out at the park reading and running around.

He really is the best dog for us, and I wanted to thank you for taking such great
care of the animals at your shelter. You can tell that he came from a loving place.Everyday's a lovely day for the park

We just love him and are so happy to see him thrive in our home.

I've attached a few photos of Shadow and my son
Jude, just doing their thing. En

Thank you,

Alyss C.

Leia (a.k.a. Tempest)
Adopted from Escondido Campus 


Leia Going Home!

Good afternoon! Today we added to our family and adopted “Tempest” (now called Leia - husband loves Star Wars) from the Escondido campus.

We recently lost our companion dog and have been so heartbroken, as our other dog has been as well. Our previous dog Jameson was a huge emotional support for my husband and myself as life has handed us both hard times. We agreed to just go and look around the shelter today but didn't think we would find another dog that gave us that same feeling Jameson did.

We met with a few dogs, they were nice and adorable but the bond wasn't there until we met Leia. Leia is an American Pit Bull Terrier, she came out afraid to walk on the leash, shaking and shy. We weren't sure how she would react to us but she instantly bonded with my husband, she stayed by his legs for protection. He started to talk to her and pet her and the shaking went away, she then started giving kisses. I then started to pet her and she warmed up to me and started to take treats from my hand. We introduced her to our other dog who is a small Lovely Leia!Daschund and they interacted so wonderfully. She was so attached to us by the end of the interaction that she sat with us inside as we filled out the adoption paperwork. On the way walking to the car she had so much pep in her step and began to run along side us on the leash with a great big smile. We of course had to take her to Petco to get her toys and her Star Wars leash, collar and shirt. 

Her first day at our home has been wonderful and she has brought us so much joy and smiles.

We are so happy and feeling whole again after our loss. I have attached a few pictures of her first day.
Leia the snugglebug

Happy Dog Mom, Jessica D.


I am attaching a picture of the lovely lady we adopted almost 1 1/2 years ago from SDHS on Airport Road. The senior pets are a passion of mine and I encourage people all the time to give one of these beautiful animals a chance and a home. They are typically easy to care for and just appreciate having a comfy place to nap, some food, and a little lovin.'

We adopted Sia (aka Saipao) in May 2013 and she was almost 15 years old. She will be 16 in November and is going strong. There are many days that I don't think she realizes how old she is!

As you can see, she is a beautiful Blue Point Siamese and she has brought nothing but joy into our lives. There hasn't been one day with her that we have regretted getting her.

I hope by sharing her story that we can encourage more people to take a senior pet into their homes - you will never regret giving them peace and love in their final days/years!

David & Gina D.


amelie catMy cat Scheherazade died about six months ago. She'd been my little friend for 17 years, and I was heartbroken. She and I were simpaticas, and I didn't think I'd ever want another pet. But I received an e-mail from the Humane Society saying they were having a special on "Ninja Panthers" (i.e., all-black kittens), and there was one that looked just like Scheherazade when she was a kitten. It was a male, and I immediately thought, "Dante! I'll call him Dante!" I called to find out if he could be held until I got there, but someone had just taken him home.
My husband said, "Let's just go down there. I'm sure they have other kittens."

amelie catWe went to the Gaines Street campus, and the adoption counselor asked what we were looking for in a kitten. I said I wanted an affectionate one. She let us play with all of them and told us a little bit about each. There was one, though, a little gray female called Sophia, that was sweet, playful, and affectionate--just a bundle of charm. My husband said, "I like that one." I agreed, and we brought her home.

I can't tell you what a delight she is. She was so well socialized that she was right at home with us in just over an hour. I work from home, and she loves to help--typing and sorting papers are her favorite--and she loves to play and to cuddle,
Amelie2.jpegand she's so well behaved. I couldn't ask for a better or more perfect friend than our little Sophia (now called Amelie). I think Scheherazade would be pleased that we found her. Thank you.


Mason's Happy Tail

mason and duke Good morning,

You helped bring Mason and me together almost three years ago. He was a companion to my older dog, Lil Bear, who passed away last year. We met Duke through the Baja Dog Rescue shortly thereafter, and he has made a home with Mason and me.

Mason (the brown one) and Duke (the black one) are inseparable companions, as you can see from the photos.

Thank you for bringing Mason and me together.

In Peace,

Charlee Boots (a.k.a. Peanut)

Charlie_Boots2Charlie_BootsMy husband and I adopted a blue pitbull from the San Diego Humane Society in January 2013. Her name was Peanut, but has since changed post adoption to Charlee Boots (she has all white paws). We just wanted to give you an update. November 1st was her 1st birthday and she couldn't be more perfect! She is the most friendly and lovable pup a family could ever dream of. Everyone that comes across her falls in love with her and her goofy personality. She isn't the most coordinated pooch, but she manages to chase the ball and wrestle with her older sister Emma Rose.

We celebrated her 1st birthday with homemade dog biscuits and having a puppy party for her :) I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a little Bichon mix like her sister since she lays on top of you to cuddle any chance she gets. My favorite thing about her is when she sings. I have NEVER heard her bark. She does this howling thing as she tries to talk back to you when you ask her a question. My husband and I would like to thank you for saving Charboots, and allowing us the opportunity to make her a part of our family. We are truly blessed and absolutely love having her in our family. We appreciate everything you do for animals, and are thankful you gave Charlee a second chance.

Thank you,
Julia and Adam

Chloe (a.k.a. Loki)

Chloe About a week after we had to put down our sweet 12-year old lab (that we had adopted from the Gaines Street shelter 4 years ago) we all had broken hearts and decided to start looking for a new dog. We live in the Clairemont area and went back to the Gaines St. campus, although we didn't seem to connect with any of the animals currently there. We checked the website every day, and when we saw Loki's picture we couldn't wait to meet her. We drove up to Oceanside and then stood in front of her kennel until we were called. She had some behavioral issues and severe dog reactivity, and the counselor actually suggested we choose a different dog. We still insisted that we wanted to see her. After interacting we fell in love, but had to wait until the trainer could meet with us, which was THREE DAYS AWAY. With sad hearts we went home and counted the minutes until we could go back to get her.

Chloe.jpgIt's now almost 2 months later... we have renamed her Chloe and she has settled right into our home and our hearts. We have had major breakthroughs with the dog reactivity and she now ENJOYS the dog park! She loves to swim and we couldn't imagine our lives without her. She has been a perfect pet in every way! Thank you to the Oceanside staff for taking such good care of her until her forever family could find her.

Melissa T.

Katie (a.k.a. Madeline)

Katie (aka Madeline) I adopted a beautiful female Tortoiseshell kitten from the San Diego Humane Society last October 23. Her name there at the SDHS was Madeline. I had just lost my precious 15 year old Manx kitty (Maggie) two months earlier and was ready to give another pet a home. I searched for what seemed a long time before I met Madeline, and she agreed I was the one to take her home.

Madeline was one of the very first kittens I met there, as her little home was located in the front, inside the Gift Center, along with some other gorgeous kittens. Her name has since been changed to Katie, but we'll call her Madeline here, as that was how everyone there at SDHS knew her. I could not believe how quickly she made herself right at home that first evening after departing the carrier. It was if she had been here a while and had already adapted. No time was wasted, as she wanted to play. Madeline has brought so much joy and love into my life.

Katie / MadelineMadeline is just as described on her profile adoption intro. She has a ton of personality, is very friendly and social, loves people and loves to cuddle, when she has time and is ready. She is very independent. She loves to play fetch and her favorite activity is when we play with her cat catcher teaser toy. Anyone who comes to visit me is greeted with affection and excitement by Katie.

Thank you to the SDHS for everything you do for the animals and also thank you to all the Volunteers and foster families for all they do in socializing, readying and loving the kittens as they await adoption.

Here are some recent photos of Madeline (Katie). She was so tiny when I brought her home. "Now look at me," says Madeline.

Janet H.


Charlie - success storyHere is a current photo of Charlie. He is lighter in weight and more vigorous in playtime than expected.

Since his adoption August 25th, we have had 2 vet visits for teeth cleaning, prescription antibiotics, and recommendations for care.

He is flourishing very well, as we have done the reverse of his previous life with the original owners. Instead of being confined to 1 room at night, with the entire home only in the daytime, we have kept ourselves in the master bedroom at night and given him the run of the rest of our home. Much better for morale and energy!

A very good family member and well received by our friends and neighbors. May he live another 9 years!

Thank you for all your assistance.
Kotitsa Family


bubbas Calendar We adopted Bubbas in April 2013. He was living in the Accounting Dept. We love him very much and wanted to share his calendar with you. Enjoy!

Alison, Tim and Matthew

Yes, it's true – before this handsome feline was adopted, he resided in the office area of SDHS's Accounting Department! He was a Hidden Gem, who needed special accommodations (he didn't care so much for our public habitats). And if you ask any of the ladies in Accounting about this particular Domestic Longhair, it's certain to conjure smiles and lots of memories! They'd speak of his "incomparable CATtitude," his "tremendous spirit," and undoubtedly refer to him as "King Bubbas."

He has a very kingly air about him, and our CFO, Kelly, sums up all of our sentiments well when she says, "Bubbas is a very special kitty, and we are so glad he's found the special family who can give him the kingdom he so richly deserves!"

Charlie and Diego

Charlie & Diego Charlie and Diego are brothers. When my husband and I saw them at the Central shelter we noticed they were VERY bonded. We had never had two cats at the same time but we didn't feel we could separate them.

That was two years this past Sept. They have continued to express love for each other while maintaining decidedly different personalities... this makes them even more fun to observe.

I could talk for hours about what a wonderful experience this has been for us, but what would Charlie and Diego say?

Charlie & DiegoSee pictures... captions would be: "We are so glad we were adopted by a quilter mom who lets us lay on every new quilt she finishes and sleep in a box of scraps in the sewing room, and a dad who built a cat condo and potty box area adjacent to a window so we can sit outdoors and be safe and NO potty smell in the house. We also enjoy nap time with him!"

Sherri and Don N.


Milo We adopted Milo a pug / Chow Chow mix in 2008 from SD (Gaines Street) location and he has been the smartest most loving dog we have ever had.

He loves to go with us everywhere we go including our office. He goes to work every day. Milo even has his own tie for the office, but usually wears a simple bandana for a more casual look!

He enjoys just sitting in the car, thinks he is a pug and will try to climb on your lap. He has learned many tricks but his best trick is just the fact he loves to cuddle!

He was a groomsman in my son's wedding last year and even danced with guests at the reception. He is "The Boss" like all the staff at the office like to call him and he loves every minute of it.

Milo in a tieOne of the artists at Kess Inhouse in Oceanside (where Milo works) even created an art piece of him - now others can enjoy his sweet face because you can buy it on homegoods on Kess Inhouse's website, and even direct from Amazon!

He is my inspiration and gives me more joy then anyone could ever imagine!

Here is Milo's Facebook page:

The Gupta Family

Checkers (aka Hastings)

Checkers It has been 8 months now since I brought Checkers into our home. We did re-name him, when I adopted him his name was Hastings. I was having a difficult time remembering the name and my husband suggested the name Checkers, maybe because he is chubby, lol.

I wanted to let you know what a loving cat he is and quite comical too. I also would like to thank all the people who may have been involved in taking care of him at the humane society. They must have truly done a great job in caring for him and making him the loving compatible cat that he is today.

I would like to share some photos of him in his new home. I have read articles on your web site about cats in their new adopted homes, and I would be happy if you could share Checkers' story too.

Thank you San Diego Humane Society for all you do every day to help the animals.

Best regards,
Cheryl H.

Ruth (aka Elsa)

Ruth - aka Elsa Dear Humane Society,

I'd like to update you on the wonderful dog we adopted from you on Gaines St. on Nov. 24th 2012. She was named Elsa while in your excellent care & is a pit bull mix & the sweetest dog in the world. We love her so much.

I sent a few pictures shortly after we adopted her & here are a few more.

We renamed her Ruth after Ruth 1:16 in the Bible where Ruth is speaking to her mother-in-law, Naomi: "Don't make me leave you, for I want to go wherever you go, & to live wherever you live; your people will be my people, & your God shall be my God." That scripture seemed to fit so Ruth (or Ruthie) she is & we are her people!

Thank you to all the folks at your place for caring for her so lovingly until we came along. God bless you all.

Shari & Richard H.


Sammy - success story We couldn't be happier with the new addition to our family. In only a week Sammy has made himself at home with us, our dog, and his new environment (I think he thinks he's king of the castle, and maybe he is).

He is amazing and so loving! We can't get over how he likes to touch our faces when we hold him.

We took him to our vet yesterday, and he passed his check-up with flying colors. She remarked on what a great job the surgeon did on Sammy's amputation (maybe you can pass that along to him/her).

Thank you for saving Sammy for us. We love him dearly already.

Tina R.


Faith Thanks for the best pet ever (and I've had many, including ferrets!).

Don't tell Pinkie & Ted E, though (my 2 Chihuahuas). NO point in unnecessary 'bone throwing.'

Thanks for taking such good care of her. How could anyone NOT adopt this perfect dog? How lucky for me, they didn't!

Susie R.

Mr Kitty (formerly Kovu)

Kovu - Adoption Success! We adopted Kovu from you back in January, and my husband and I want to thank you so much for bringing us together with him!

We love him and he is a perfect fit into our family.We were at first worried about how he would get along with our 2 dogs but they love each other!

We renamed him Mr. Kitty which we think fits him very nicely. At night we will wake up to find him asleep on our pillows which is just adorable. He loves to discover new things around the house and is our little bug exterminator.

I cannot thank you enough for introducing us to him. We cant imagine our family without him :)

Thank you again,
Jake and Kristen Miller

Dakota (formerly Tomato)

Dakota This is the best dog ever! She sits, lays down, fetches and drops it at your feet, sleeps in her crate and poops and pees outside, even goes to the sliding door and scratches to go out to pee!

She's great with our 5 year old daughter and gentle with our 2 year old daughter. It's like she's an angel sent from heaven just for our family! Took her to puppy class at Petco and the lady was teaching her third and fourth week stuff - smart dog.

I am so very thankful we got her! PERFECT DOG! :)

Her new name is "Dakota:" friend, ally, forever smiling.

With great appreciation!
The Snow family

Daisy (formerly known as Dexter)

Success Story - Daisy When I was medically retired from the Marine Corps last year I came to the humane society to find a friend who might help me start a new life. As soon as I saw Daisy (then Dexter), an energetic and friendly black lab-mix puppy, I knew that I had found my match.

We adapted well to life aboard my 33 foot sailboat. She became my alarm clock every morning, waking me at six for our morning walks on Shelter Island and our occasional swims at the little beach there. She quickly became known to all the shops and stores in the area, and the clerks always seemed to have treats ready; I became known as "Daisy's Dad."

She has grown into a loyal companion, and I see her devotion every night as she settles into bed at my feet facing the door. Her friendly and protective nature is a great source of comfort for a combat veteran trying to find his way in civilian society. She is truly a wonderful friend and I couldn't get by without her.

Cameron A.


Spoon - success story Just wanted to share our adoption success story!

We're absolutely in love with our newly adopted cat, Spoon. We saw something special this all-black kitty at the shelter that day when he laid on back staring up at us.

We took him home and tried our best to keep him separated from our other cat, Sam. But the separation didn't work for long before Sam finally darted past me into the room, desperate to see what was in there. After that, we sort of just kept an eye on them and let things work themselves out. Spoon was a bit scared at first, and took refuge under the bed from time to time as a safe space. But over the next few days, he began to come out from under the bed more and more, he started to meow for dinner with Sam and cuddle up with us under the covers.

Spoon - success story He and Sam have already started to develop a playful friendship, as Spoon has already taken to giving Sam cat baths while they hang out on the bed. They dart and tumble around the house and playfully tackle each other from around corners. I'll often wake up in the morning with a cat on either side of me in bed now.

As Sam was also adopted through a local cat rescue organization, my husband and I have now really come to believe that there's just something extra special about rescued cats. Spoon has been such a cuddly, loving little kitty so far, and really seems to enjoy being here. We're so glad that he has found a friend in us and we look forward to many years to come with him in our small family.

Thanks for all the great work you do to give such great animals good homes and a second chance.

Stephanie, Niles, Sam and Spoon

Maddie (formerly known as Anenome)

Success Story - Maddie Maddie has truly been a blessing in our lives. We love her so so much. Often I will hear Jason cuddling on her and asking her if she knows how much she's loved. It's the sweetest thing.

She is so spoiled. She really is like our baby. We bought her a cute little kitty stocking for Christmas too. Grandma even bought her some toys to open!

Jason and I just want to say thank you so much. When we came in, we weren't set on getting a kitty, but always told each other that if the right one was there, then it was meant to be. After looking at a few, Anemone came in at the last minute, a little frightened at first, understandably, but soon got comfortable and fell asleep in my lap.

Success Story - Maddie She has not ever shown an ounce of shyness at home. The first time we had a friend over, we told him ahead of time to be gentle. He came in the door, looked at her, and said "kitty" - she laid on the floor and rolled over for some love!

We just want you to know how much we love her and how thankful we are to have her in our lives.

Megan, Jason, & Maddie P.

Henry (formerly known as Buddy)

Buddy - success story! "Buddy" seems to be the kind of name that is a reflection of an owner's feelings of friendship toward his dog. Unfortunately, when we found Buddy, a senior English Coonhound, he seemed to have been abandoned by any such friends. The only indication that he had ever been cared for was in the form of a baggy attached to a string around his neck, containing 3 bottles of medication for "Buddy the Canine."

At 11 years old, the big-eared, big-eyed canine was found wandering near the side of the freeway and brought to our campus. From that moment on, we did everything in our power to assure him that he had finally found a friend in us, and that we would not give up on him.

Buddy & his brother - success story! Not surprisingly, senior animals can have a much harder time getting adopted. Despite his mellow demeanor, sweet personality and adorable face, Buddy spent several months at our Central campus, overlooked by potential adopters. That is, until Kristen S. and her husband came in. Kristen had seen Buddy on our website and quickly fell in love. Once they met him they decided this was one Buddy that they couldn't live without.

Today, Buddy has been renamed Henry, and is doing wonderfully in his new home. He has a Labrador retriever as a brother, and two pet parents who couldn't be happier with their new companion.

"He brings a smile to our faces every day," Kristen tells us. It finally appears that Henry has found some lifetime buddies, but more importantly, a forever family.

Kristen S. & Family

Zoe (formerly known as Melody)

Success Story - Melody (Zoe) Shane and his daughter came into our Oceanside campus looking for a dog and immediately fell in love with Melody. There was only one problem: Mom needed to meet Melody and she was against having a pit bull.

Shane asked if he could place a hold on Melody until the next day so that he and his daughter could work their magic on Mom. They came back and mom interacted with Melody. Eventually, Mom agreed and they adopted Melody!

Melody had been with us at the Oceanside since October 2011 and was a staff favorite. Needless to say, there were LOTS of tears as Melody drove away!

Here's a letter from Mom:

Success Story - Melody (Zoe) Hi Donna,

Sorry it took me a couple of days to get you a picture. She is the sweetest dog ever and we keep saying how fortunate we are to have found her. She is so mild mannered and lovable and most importantly potty trained, YIPPEEEE!

Yesterday we took her to the groomers for a bath and to have her teeth brushed. Apparently she loves having her teeth brushed. They gave us a note saying that she did great and how much they liked her, so we hung the note on the refrigerator. She loves her walks and she took right to a couple quilts I had. The attached pictures are of Melody, or Zoe as we call her now, and her new spot on my daughter's bed.

Success Story - Melody (Zoe) I think we are settling into a routine of meals, walks, and potty breaks quite nicely. The vet recommended we take her off all grains and regular meats like chicken. So we got some different food made with duck - never would have thought! I boiled some red potatoes and added some to her food, she liked that. She wasn't interested in raw carrots. We were thinking about bringing back the dog food and treats we bought so you can use it for other dogs since we are trying something different.

Thank you so much for educating us and helping us with the adoption. I never knew how sweet Pit Bulls are!!! Teach me to judge without all the facts!

Kristen S.


Howard the bunny - success story! Howard is fabulous and settling in rather swimmingly. He has become the apple of all our eyes! He is a free roaming bun here in the Lilien casa - however he does have his little nook in my office. We've ordered him all kinds of gear that should be arriving any day so that his area is a bit more bunny official. In the meantime he chills with me in my office which will probably be his favorite spot of all.

He is truly sweet as sweet can be. He loves his long, indulgent petting sessions - he's taken to bunny purring! He's been so amazing with and for our kids and just loves their company and their pets. We've taken him outside in his play pen and sat in the middle with him and he loves that! All in all I think everyone is pretty darn happy!!

Thank you all again for all of your help and support!

The Lilien Family


Meatball My husband and I want to thank you and everybody at your facility for taking such good care of our new boy and for being so thoughtful in making sure he was a good fit for us and vice versa. I'm super happy to report that he seems to already feel quite at home in his new house and has been nothing but a joy since we brought him here. Chico and he seem to be getting along quite nicely and Chico is much more interested in him than he was yesterday.

Meatball Meatball has already gotten accustomed to having a cat around and seems sort of indifferent toward LuLu, which we're taking as a good sign. They've sniffed each other and they pass in the hallway without any signs of excitability - just a little bit of tail wagging. That harness that we got him must be working too since walking him is super easy and he doesn't pull at all! He's house trained and loves going into his crate since all his best stuff is in there. He whines a bit if I leave the room or when we go to bed at night but within about two minutes all is quiet and we hear him working on his kong.

I really can't tell you how much we love him already - I'm getting teary-eyed just writing this. He seems to have a heart of gold and a gentle spirit and an obvious enthusiasm for life and we can't wait to get to know him more!

Thanks again for bringing us together!
The Burke Family


Luca! Adopted by Josh He has been amazing so far. Luca has been doing great socializing with new dogs and people.

He always has a wagging tail when we go for his walks and he is doing great with his resource guarding.

We have been giving him raw hides to chew on and he loves them.

Luca is very intelligent also. But you knew that already. ;)

Thank you again for everything.


Milo! Everything is going great with our new family member, Milo. He has adjusted really well. No maladjustment behaviors to report. He likes sitting with us on the couch, hanging out on his cat perch and he sleeps beside my husband at night.

He is a talker, especially when we first wake up and come home from work. He is a real love bug. We couldn't have picked a sweeter cat. He has his free vet check on Saturday, but so far has not exhibited any symptoms of upper respiratory illness. I attached some pix of Milo hanging out in his new home.

I'm sure the folks there that took care of him must miss him. Let them know he is being spoiled and enjoyed at his new forever home.

Martha and Daniel


Camden-Success-Story-2.png Camden has adjusted well to his new home. His appetite is good and he is meticulous with his litter box. He has been very affectionate and has been enjoying playing with balls and chasing strings, and using his scratching post. With each day he becomes happier in his new home.

SD Humane Society did an excellent job taking care of him and with the entire adoption process. I will surely recommend them to anyone I know who is looking to adopt a pet.

Joanne H.


Blanca-Closeup.png I adopted Blanca back in December 2011 after the death of my beloved pet, Bambi. My other rat, Chica, was then left without a cage mate, and knowing that rats are social animals and do best with a buddy, I knew that it would benefit me and my rat to adopt a friend. That's when I went to the Humane Society and met Blanca. Immediately I noticed how friendly and outgoing she was.

Shortly after I brought her home, I noticed that Blanca was sick. The Humane Society provided her with exceptional medical care without question. This was more than I could have hoped for and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who works at this dedicated organization.

Blanca-and-Chica.pngI'm pleased to say that Blanca is doing fantastically at her new home. Her buddy, Chica, is constantly grooming and playing with her, and they love to cuddle in their hammocks. She has proven herself to be an ardent explorer of the bedroom and highly energetic for a rat as old as she is. I am so happy to have adopted Blanca, she's a part of the family.

Anna B.


Sophie-1.png I wanted to give you an update on Sophie. She has settled in nicely to our home and it feels like she has lived here always. Of course we are spoiling her with lots of love and affection and she is enjoys every minute of it. She of course super happy see that we had not one but TWO cats. She is giving them both all the room they are asking for but she constantly lets them know that when they are ready she will be their friend!

I have attached a few pictures of Sophie and I will be keeping you posted on her and all her adventures! (Boy she LOVES to go bye bye in the car!) Of course we took her to the "salon" and she got a nice shampoo and cut. And the toys... she LOVES toys. Even though she only showed interest in balls there, she actually prefers the stuffed toys with squeakers once we got her home!

Thank you again for all the help you gave us and for introducing us to her. She is an amazing dog!

Michelle & Jeff


Griffin_SS Griffin is doing great! We got the name cuz we thought he looked like a Scruff McGruff when he first came home. He is house trained (just a couple small accidents) and he goes to the door to go out. He's very playful and is completely spoiled! When he's had too much cuddling, he likes to go lay down by himself. He never barks or jumps on people, but he loves to show how tough he is around other dogs. He's completely at home with us.

We really do feel so blessed to have him. It was NO accident that he happened to walk by me just as I was getting in my car to leave on the day he was available for adoption. He's exactly what we've been looking and praying for the past couple of years!

Shelly, Mark, Drew, Gabby and Noah.


Chloe1.pngLast month I adopted Chloe (formerly Beezy) from the North County Campus. I had never owned a kitty before, but was ready to make a pet commitment and decided a cat would be best for my lifestyle, living situation, etc.

I did quite a bit of research before I met Chloe and knew as soon as she came down from her perch to meet me that she was special. She adjusted to her new living situation after just a couple of days and her quirky personality has been coming out more and more ever since.

Chloe2.pngShe is partially blind in one eye which had me a little concerned at first, but now I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Chloe usually spends her days hunting her favorite stuffed mouse, having her belly rubbed, following me around to make sure she's "in the know" and taking naps by the window. She has been such a delight and I'm so glad she is a part of my life. I think she feels the same way.

Thanks to everyone at the Humane Society for all that you do.
Krista Cusano


joey3.pngWhen Joey was just a baby, I was fortunate to be able to help foster him. He was a spunky tuxedo kitten (and quite photogenic!). I was planning to adopt him, but for reasons beyond my control, he went to another home. I was devastated.

A year-and-a-half later, Joey was back at the San Diego Humane Society, up for adoption, but now he was blind. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Humane Society, I was finally able to adopt Joey, who is now at his forever home.

joey2.pngJoey has Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a rare genetic form of blindness, and is now completely blind. But most people don't even notice unless they pay close attention. He has memorized the house and moves around without hesitation (as long as I don't rearrange the furniture!). He is an indoor-only cat for obvious reasons, but he plays with his two sisters, my dogs Wiley and Daisy. Joey and Daisy share my lap and nap together every evening. (Interestingly, Wiley also has PRA, and is also blind, and loves to play fetch!)

Both Joey and Wiley have really opened my eyes (no pun intended!) to just how adaptable animals with challenges can be. They are the sweetest pets I have ever owned and are no more difficult to care for than sighted animals. They see the eye doctor once a year, and I have to be careful when walking Wiley to make sure she doesn't injure her eyes, but other than that, they are normal, loving pets. Joey has brought so much love into my life.

I am so grateful to the San Diego Humane Society for making my family complete!

Nancy Baisch, MD

BabyRuth & Butterfinger

babyruth&butterfinger2.png We adopted Babyruth and Butterfinger back in august 2011 and it's been a blessing!

I cannot tell you how much joy and cuteness they have brought to our home! Not only are they lovable, soft and precious, but they keep my depression at bay and keep a huge smile on my face all day, every day!

God bless all bunnies! If you don't have a "house rabbit" you should!

I felt as if I owed you guys something for the love they have brought to me!

Their New Family


zelda4Thank you so much for everything that you did in order to bring Zelda into our lives. She has been an absolute joy! I honestly don't know how we functioned as a family until she got here.

The first few days she was here in our house, she was a little bit mysterious, hiding under the bed, in the closet, or under the couch for most of her day. Her first venture out from underneath furniture was to the toilet. She walked up to the toilet, sat on it for a few minutes, then went back under the bed. The next day, she climbed into the bathtub, licked up some water, then came back. The third day, she claimed one spot on our couch and if anyone else dares to sit there, she will meow and meow until they move out of her way or pick her up to pet her.

Zelda3.png Zelda sleeps in bed with us every single night. Unfortunately for her daddy, she has claimed most of his side of the bed, but because he loves her so much, he has grown accustomed to sleeping diagonally. Every morning, the second she thinks we might be awake, the alarm starts going off - she meows like crazy in hopes that someone will feed her. She is still in love with the peacock feather we bought on the day we brought her home, and has now discovered my basket of yarn in the living room that I've been using to crochet.

Zelda2.pngZelda also recently took up playing doctor. I got pretty sick a couple of weeks ago and was in bed a lot. She was unhappy that I wasn't feeling well, so as awkward as it was, she slept on my pillow next to my head for a few nights until I was sleeping alright.

As I finish writing this, she has climbed into my lap, over my arms, as a sign for me to stop typing and pay attention to her immediately. Who would've thought the hermit cat we had on the first day would become such a lap-loving cuddle bunny? We love her very much and thank the San Diego Humane Society in Oceanside endlessly for bringing her into our lives!

Caity, Michael, Cameron, and Princess Zelda!


stella.pngWe're so happy with our experience with the Humane Society and this follow up email just confirms how awesome you guys are.

Stella, as we've been calling her for a week (although not sure about that name), is doing great! She is so sweet and smart and well behaved. We were ready for whatever time and energy it took to work with her and train her up to be a good listener and a good fit for our family but from her first night here she has just settled in so naturally it's like she's never lived anywhere else.

She is so intelligent and eager to please. She loves everyone in our family, sleeps on her bed in our bedroom and loves to romp - yes, romp like a bucking bronco! - in our big backyard. She follows us around and is just so good-natured and so sweet it's really like it was meant to be. I can't believe our good fortune in finding her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for the animals of San Diego. It's only been a week and I already can't imagine our family without her.

Sarah Newstead


Ripley2.pngI know you all see a lot of dogs come through in the course of a year, but I just wanted to provide an update about a pit mix we adopted about a year ago from the North County campus.

My husband and I have always had fantastic dogs growing up, but within the course of this year Ripley has not just stolen our hearts, but established herself as one of the most special dogs we've come across.

She's weirdly human. She sleeps alongside us in the bed, horizontally with her head on the pillow. She loves nothing more than to cuddle with us.

She was five years old and lacked any real training when we got her, so we didn't know how she would take to "new tricks," but she definitely disproved the adage - she can now walk alongside us leash-lessly, has impeccable manners at outdoor restaurants, got over her aggression towards other dogs, and is now friendly at dog parks and with my sister's dog.

We (quite sadly, I might add) had to leave San Diego this year and are now relocated in Virginia. While Ripley might not appreciate the change in climate, she revels in her travels with us.

I've attached some photos below of her year's travels. She serves as a shining example of not just what fantastic family dogs pitties can be, but how much an older dog can enrich your life!


Bobbin and Binkie

bobbin and binkie.JPG Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. So stoked and blessed to have been able to take these two home. I named them Brixton & Bonnie. They're seriously the sweetest dogs and are such a perfect fit for me and my home.

They're getting loads of love and attention between me and the filtering of friends coming by to welcome them into the family.

Again, thank you so much. You guys are awesome!



Harley Our new addition, Harley, is great. She has adjusted well to our home and her big sister Cocoa loves her. She was crate trained in 1 1/2 days and is doing really well with potty training.

She took her first camping trip this weekend and was good. Her new trick is to run from you when you want her to come back. Obedience training starts on August 21st but over all she is a fantastic puppy - we love her.

Susan M.


Rider Success I just wanted to update you on Rider. He seems to be adjusting very well to Eric and I. He is very curious on walks and sometimes pulls at us when he wants to check something out. We took him to Pacific Beach to walk around and see how he did with the water. He enjoyed running right next to the water, but when the tide came in, he ran away.

The picture I have included was taken last night. After our PB excursion, we picked up some pizza at Woodstock's. I stayed in the car with Rider (he LOVES rides in the Jeep!) and Eric went in to get the pizza. Rider climbed from the back seat into the driver's seat and posed like he was going to drive. I thought it was too cute! We are enjoying getting to know each other very much, and I just wanted to let you know he is doing well. Hope all is well at SDHS. Take care!


Binx and Sammy Longtail

Sammy Longtail Binx and Sammy Longtail are doing fabulous! They settled in quickly and started exploring their new world with much curiosity.

A little surprised that Sammy was listed as shy - he has become quite the wonderful Love Hog! He loves napping with the boys, curls up with David and even Shadow, my male black lab. His rhinitis seems to be improving and his fur is getting more healthy too.

BinxBinx is a little less spry so we make sure she has nooks she can enjoy without jumping.

David Calls the first one "Sammy the International Cat of Mystery" (certainly comfy in his surroundings!).

Thanks again!
Jo-Anne and David


WallieJust thought I'd let you know how's Wallie's first day went. He did so well! Daniel and he played tug of war for about 20 minutes in the evening. He is going potty outside, spends small amounts of time in his confinement area and does so without complaining.

He is so loving! He follows me around and last night he crawled up in my lap and just about passed out! I know he had a very stimulating day. He slept in his crate all night and he went right out this morning for a walk and he didn't mess his bed at all! So far this morning already walked, ate breakfast, and had a tug of war with Daniel, my son. Thanks for your help. We are blessed to have him join our family!

Christy R. and Family


GilliganGilligan and I are doing quite well. He is very friendly with new people and dogs at this point, and he loves the Nate's Point dog park in Balboa which is just a few blocks up from us.

Gill is still a little nervous and skittish sometimes, especially with loud sounds. However we are working on getting him more used to the sights and sounds of the city.

My girlfriend's cat was not a fan of Gill at first but has warmed up considerably. While I type the cat and dog are sleeping next to each other now on the couch. Her roommate's dog, a Yorkshire terrier, loves Gill and he likes to play with her.

Training has been going well - he now knows "sit," "lay down," and sometimes "fetch," with more commands in the works.

Alex T.