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We offer dog licensing for the cities of Oceanside and Vista only.  If you do not reside in either of these cities, please visit your jurisdiction of residence.


Why get a license?

If your dog is ever missing, a license tag provides a quick and accurate way of notifying you if someone else finds your pet. It also provides proof that your dog has been vaccinated against rabies, as required by law.

Once your dog has been assigned a license with a distinctive tag number, the number and the information about your dog is permanently filed in our records. Your dog can keep the same license tag number.

Oceanside City Code 4.17 and Vista Municipal Code 6.07.010 state that all dogs are required to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed:

  • Within thirty (30) days after reaching the age of four (4) months, or
  • Within thirty (30) days of acquiring the dog, or
  • Within thirty (30) days after entering the jurisdiction of these ordinances.

Important info:

  • Failure to obtain a license as listed above, or to renew the license by the expiration date will result in a LATE FEE.
  • Rabies vaccination must be effective through the entire licensing period. (The dog license MUST expire when the rabies vaccine expires.)Dogs must be leashed securely when off the owner's premises.
  • License tags shall be firmly attached to the dog's collar and worn at all times.
  • Dog license fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.


Licensing Fees

License Term
1 yr 3 yrs     1 yr 3 yrs
Unaltered $50 $150     $50 $100
Altered $15 $40     $15 $40
Late Fee $20 $20     $20 $20
Transfer/Replacement $5 $5     $5 $5


How to Apply for a License

  1. Visit us at our North Campus location or at a Mobile Clinic Event (see below) and complete a licensing form (you can also download one here in advance).
  2. Provide proof of current rabies vaccination
  3. Provide proof of spay or neuter
  4. Make check payable to the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Want more information?
Call: 760.730.8850
Check out our licensing FAQs here >>


Pet License Incentive Program

In support of the Oceanside and Vista pet licensing efforts and to offer pet owners peace of mind as they invest in the health and safety of their pets, we have launched this new Pet License Incentive Program with four exciting benefits:


Licensing - fast track


Fast Track: Found pets with current licenses can be quickly reunited with their owner or rushed to an appropriate veterinarian if severely injured.

Licensing - free ride


Free Ride Home: The first time a licensed pet is picked up or brought to the SDHS, it will receive a free ride home or free pass to go home, reducing its stay or even skipping a trip to the SDHS altogether.

Licensing - vacation alert


Vacation Pet Alert: When you leave home for vacation, call (760) 730-8850 to register your pet with the contact information of who will be caring for your pet and who is allowed to act on your behalf while you are away. This will allow SDHS to quickly return your pet to the person designated and will also allow for the Extended Stay program to go into effect.

Licensing - extended stay


Extended Stay: When found, your licensed pet will be cared for by the SDHS for up to 14 days prior to putting up for adoption.

License Fees are an investment in the health and safety of our pets and they help eliminate animal cruelty and neglect.


Mobile Clinic Events

To provide a convenient resource for the residents in our community we have scheduled mobile affordable Licensing, Vaccination, and Microchip Clinics that will rotate locations monthly throughout the Cities of Oceanside and Vista. 

Clinics will be held on the fourth Saturday of each month from 10:00am to 12:00pm (noon).

To see locations & dates - Search for "Affordable Licensing" on our calender here»


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