San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

Spay and Neuter Services

The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA has accessible spay and neuter programs for the San Diego community. These resources provide affordable spay/neuter surgeries to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements based on income.  The program also aims to target specific animal populations that are at the highest risk for overpopulation, like pit bulls and feral cats.

We provide spay and neuter services seven days a week at our locations.  Review locations and times before on-line scheduling.

  • San Diego Campus
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    5500 Gaines Street
    San Diego, CA 92110
    619-299-7012 x 2334
  • Oceanside Campus
    Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
    572 Airport Road
    Oceanside, CA 92058
  • Or email

Spay/Neuter Clinic

Designed to provide affordable and accessible spay/neuter opportunities seven days a week based on financial need. 

The fees for spay/neuter are:

  • $30 for male cats
  • $50 for female cats
  • $50 for male dogs
  • $75 for female dogs
  • Feral cats may be eligible for free services.  Call for details.
  • Pit bulls may be eligible for free services.  Call for details.
  • Project KEPPT participants are eligible for free services.  Call for details.
  • $8 fee will be added for the cost of an e-collar.

No additional fees for pregnant or in-heat females or cryptorchid males.
Pain medication is also included.

Rabies vaccine is required for all dogs (available for $6.00 if animal is not current). Other vaccines and microchips are also available, call for types and prices.

Currently fees are waived for animals in the following zip codes: 92105, 92113, 92114, 92084, and 92054. Please call for more information.  

To schedule your pet's spay or neuter surgery, please review the times above and then select your appointment location below.

S/N Appt San Diego

S/N Appt Oceanside

Litter Abatement Program (LAP)
Free public spay/neuter service for those who:

  • Are relinquishing a litter of puppies or kittens (from their pet)
  • Have found a stray litter of kittens and are able to capture the stray parent animal(s) (in the cities of Oceanside and Vista)


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