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The San Diego Humane Society's Animal Rescue Reserve (ARR) is a team of trained volunteers dedicated to assisting people during disasters by safely evacuating horses, livestock, and pets. ARR also works throughout San Diego County to rescue pets and livestock that are trapped and cannot free themselves. ARR is a program of the SDHS Investigations Department and provides these services free of charge.

Our rescues have included removing animals from fires or flooded areas, rescuing large animals that have fallen into wells, mud bogs, swimming pools, ravines, etc., rounding-up and caring for cattle involved in trailer transport accidents, and providing help for wildlife and small domestic animals. Reserves also assist our Humane Officers with criminal cases during impounds of large groups of abused or neglected animals.

Animal Rescue Reserve provides monthly training for all its members. This training is designed to create awareness of safety procedures and the proper use of equipment.

Examples of Training:

• The California Department of Forestry and Fires teaches about the importance of safety practices and the nature of wildfires.

• Local veterinarians teach first aid for animals as well as transportation techniques and handling for wild animals.

• Experts provide training about unusual animals that are raised in San Diego County (llamas, buffalo, ostrich, etc.).

• Various law enforcement personnel discuss their roles in emergencies and how we work with their agencies.

•Classes are provided on how to identify, handle, load, and unload horses from trailers and how to transport animals properly.


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