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Cat Rescued by San Diego Humane Society and SPCA During Wildfires to be Released for Adoption
Scared Cat Whose Rescue Photo Has Appeared in Local Magazines
Is Ready for His New Home.

San Diego: Barry, a 10-year-old Domestic Shorthair cat rescued by the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA during the October wildfires, is ready to be released for adoption following several weeks of medical treatment.  During their fire rescue efforts, San Diego Humane Society Investigations officers and staff found Barry hiding in a drainage ditch near the Barrett Lake Mobile Home Park in the Dulzura area.  Officers surmised that Barry survived the fire, which leveled the surrounding homes, by hiding in the ditch as flames burned around him.  

San Diego Humane Society Investigations officers made many attempts to locate Barry’s original owners, including placing fliers in the mobile home park where he was found.Though some of his fur had been singed, Barry was mostly unscathed by the fire and was brought to the San Diego Humane Society to rest and recuperate.  A medical examination revealed that Barry had suffered a severe injury to his tail.  It is unclear whether the injury was due to the fire or was from a previous trauma, but Humane Society veterinarians determined that it was in Barry’s best interest to remove the tail and amputation surgery was performed on December 18, 2007.

A sweet and social kitty, Barry has fully recovered from his surgery and is ready to be placed for adoption. With his rescue photo gracing the cover of the San Diego Humane Society’s Animal Fare newsletter and in other local publications, this famous cat remains friendly and warm despite the trauma that he suffered through, and eagerly awaits his second chance at life.

Barry was adopted on Saturday, Jan. 26, after a man and his wife saw Barry's story on the local news.

Shari with Cat







Barry being rescued after the fires








Barry relaxing with a friend at the San Diego Humane Society


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