San Diego Humane Society and SPCA
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Volunteer of the Month




Nichole Condon
December 2014

Desi Butterfield
November 2014

Holly Berry
October 2014

Nancy Contrino
September 2014

Kathleen Goff
August 2014

Carolyn Moore
Carolyn Moore
July 2014

Ellen Brown
Ellen Brown
June 2014

Bill Dunkelberger
Bill Dunkelberger
May 2014

VOM-Glee Shaddock
Glee Shaddock
April 2014

VOM Gina Dillon
Gina Dillon
March 2014

Volunteer of the Month - Ana York - February 2014
Ana York

February 2014

Volunteer of Month - Dee Osargent
Dee Osargent
January 2014


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