San Diego Humane Society

San Diego Humane Society had a busy 2017. Each day was a labor of love, and from caring for our 10,000th kitten in our Kitten Nursery to assisting with rescue efforts of displaced animals from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we strive to inspire compassion throughout our community and beyond. As we begin a new year, we look back at the highlights of the past and hope you feel inspired too:

10,000th Kitten Gets the Perfect Name – Nova

San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery reaches milestone

Nova, which means birth of a star, made his way through San Diego Humane Society’s one-of-a kind Kitten Nursery.

#LilacFire swept through 4,100 acres in San Diego’s North County

San Diego Humane Society first responds to Lilac fire. San Diego Humane Society and community respond to Lilac fire to care for displaced animals during #LilacFire

San Diego Humane Society provided care and refuge to displaced animals during December’s #LilacFire.

The lifesaving work of San Diego Humane Society’s volunteers is changing lives

More than 5,000 volunteers give of their time and talent to care for animals at San Diego Humane Society

More than 5,000 people volunteered their time and talents to provide tender care, a loving touch, companionship and support for animals this year.

San Diego Humane Society pledges to be the stewards of animal welfare in San Diego

San Diego Humane Society is the steward of animal welfare in San Diego

From horses to hamsters and everything in between, San Diego Humane Society cared for 30,000 animals this year.

SDHS Humane Law Enforcement pursues felony charges for animal cruelty

Medical staff at San Diego Humane Society rallied around a severely abused 9-year old Miniature Pincher, rescued by San Diego Humane Society humane officers

Bruce, a victim of abuse and severely emaciated Miniature Pincher, moved all of us with his resiliency and perseverance. He lost his battle, but will live forever in our hearts as a reminder of the very reason our Humane Law Enforcement department exists to protect animals from this cruelty.

Happy homes for 260 animals rescued from hoarding This Year

Happy ending for #92yorkies who were rescued from hoarding show off at San Diego Humane Society Fur Ball

Some of the #92yorkies showed off how well they’re doing with their new families at our Fur Ball gala in September.

In the name of animal rescue, San Diego Humane Society responds beyond its region

As first-responders for animals in distress, San Diego Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Officers, Animal Rescue Reserve volunteers and trained staff provided much-needed relief to hurricane-affected areas.

San Diego Humane Society took in more than 200 animals from hurricane-affected areas and sent seven teams to Houston and Naples to help rescue and care for animals displaced by the hurricanes that devastated those areas last fall.

Providing world-class veterinary care is a hallmark of San Diego Humane Society

San Diego Humane Society’s veterinary services are provided for companion animals to prepare them for adoption and for wildlife to ready them to return to the wild.

More than 18,500 animals received medical treatment from our veterinary team last year.

Providing exceptional care through veterinary medicine, food, shelter and love

Through lifesaving programs that lead the way nationally in innovation, impact and effectiveness, San Diego Humane Society inspires compassion for all animals – companion and wild – in San Diego County and beyond.

Animal welfare is sometimes messy business, but worth every smudged little face.

San Diego Humane Society’s specialty training program helps prevent the heartbreak of return

San Diego Humane Society has training and behavioral specialist who work hard to resolve existing issues before pets are adopted.

466 animals received the behavior support they needed at our Behavior Center.

Teaching your old dog, well, you know

San Diego Humane Society offers a variety of support programs to address cat and dog behavioral concerns.

Our professional trainers taught 144 training classes last year to help people and their pets live harmoniously with positive reinforcement techniques.

PAWS San Diego: Keeping family and pets together

San Diego Humane Society’s PAWS San Diego helps people keep their pets. In the field of animal welfare, shelters are recognizing that our opportunity is not just to place pets in homes, but to help loved pets stay in their existing homes, even if their owners are facing hardship.

3,520 low income pet families were able to stay together thanks to the support of our PAWS San Diego program.

Beyond San Diego’s borders

As first-responders for animals in distress, San Diego Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Officers, Animal Rescue Reserve volunteers and trained staff provided much-needed relief to areas impacted by hurricanes and wildfires.

This year, our Special Response Team travelled to Houston, Naples, Los Angeles, Ohio, Georgia, Santa Barbara and New York to aid in emergency rescue and care for animals.

Project Wildlife: the first line of defense to save injured, orphaned wild animals

San Diego County is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the United States, with the greatest number of endangered species. When these animals are injured and/or orphaned, the first line of defense to save their lives is Project Wildlife.

Project Wildlife cared for more than 13,000 injured or orphaned wild animals this year.