1 Million Reasons to Celebrate!

This month we’re celebrating the second anniversary of our merger with PAWS San Diego. And we have a lot to celebrate! The mission of PAWS – helping people keep their pets in their homes – is truly the future of animal sheltering, and the reason this program is so important to us. The answer to ending pet homelessness is not to build larger shelters, but to give people the tools and resources needed for keeping their beloved companions.

Thanks to your support, PAWS San Diego provided its one-millionth pet meal last year. Here’s a small look at the big impact PAWS is making in our community:

Pantry Service
More than 4,800 families received food and animal care services last year. This vital service is run in conjunction with food pantries across San Diego so that people in need don’t have to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their pets.

In-Home Service
Last year, 3,298 home-bound pet parents received monthly deliveries of the food and supplies they need to keep their pets.

Neighborhood Outreach
For the first time, PAWS San Diego brought support directly into the communities where it’s needed most. We started last fall at a homeless center in Ocean Beach and expanded the program to City Heights this summer. We’ve got more neighborhood events set to be launched this year. These efforts result in hundreds of pet families receiving pet food, supplies, vaccinations, licenses, spay/neuter services and more.

Homeless Support
The unique thing about homeless pet parents is that they spend every waking moment with their pets, which makes their bond stronger than usual and worthy of protection. You helped provide food, pet beds, spay and neuter services, vaccinations, leashes, collars and more to 1,138 pet families through our Homeless Outreach efforts.

Thank you for making such a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable pet families in our community. By providing these vital services, our collective efforts help keep pets out of shelters and with the families who love them. I hope you’re proud of the role you play in making this possible – we certainly are.

With deepest gratitude,

Dr. Gary Weitzman's Signiture
Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA
President and CEO, San Diego Humane Society