Severely Abused Dog Is Receiving Medical Care

WARNING: This story contains graphic images.

Bruce updates:


You may have read about the case of #Brucetheminpin on our social media channels. Unfortunately, Bruce lost his fight this week, despite incredible efforts made by our medical teams. His diabetes resisted our best efforts to bring it under control. This little guy’s body just wasn’t strong enough to endure his recuperative journey. Our medical team worked so hard to help him conquer the obstacles to his recovery, but his fragile body just wasn’t strong enough to win that fight.

Our hearts ache for Bruce and for those who cared for him during his time with us. We’re grateful to our humane law enforcement team for rescuing him from a horrible abuse situation. And for our medical teams who had been providing Bruce with skilled veterinary care for the 20 days he was with us. And we’re grateful to all of you – for believing that every animal deserves a second chance, even when that chance is a longshot. Bruce was able to spend his last holidays surrounded by compassionate people who cared for him. And surrounded by a community that never stopped rooting for him.

Personally, I’m grateful for our community that never wants us to stop trying. Although Bruce lost his fight, he is truly the reason we exist. We are continuing an active investigation into this case and consulting with the DA’s office on the probability of filing serious criminal charges for the abuse Bruce endured.

I’m also grateful for our humane officers on the streets today saving other animals from abuse and neglect, our animal care staff and volunteers ensuring our animals get all the attention they need, and our medical teams for their skilled veterinary assistance – our work goes on. All thanks to each and every one of you who never give up on the animals we care for – even against all odds.


Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA
President and CEO
San Diego Humane Society



*We can only respond to calls within our jurisdiction.



DAY 10:

Day 10 update on #Brucetheminpin: Our little Bruce is making great progress! He’s coming out of his shell more each day, his health is improving, his hair is starting to grow back and he’s already putting on a little weight! Thank you for all your well wishes, support and donations. It certainly goes a long way to help Bruce and other special animals like him have a second chance! View video#roadtorecovery


Day 5:

Bruce’s sweet personality is shining through more and more each day as he continues on his road to recovery! We were thrilled to see a more affectionate and playful side of Bruce this morning when we caught Vet Tech Nikki giving him some TLC and introducing him to a squeaky toy. We will continue to provide updates as we track this severely abused pet’s progress. In the meantime, thank you for all the warm thoughts and well-wishes from our wonderful community!  View video.


Day 3:

Medical Director Dr. Mitchell provides an update on Bruce and the much-needed medical care he is receiving at our San Diego Campus. View video.



SDHS Humane Law Enforcement To Pursue Felony Charges For Animal Cruelty

Medical staff at San Diego Humane Society have rallied around a severely abused dog and are helping him fight for his life today. Bruce, a 9-year old Miniature Pincher, was rescued by San Diego Humane Society humane officers Sunday after receiving a call from a concerned citizen. Investigating officers learned that a veterinarian diagnosed Bruce with diabetes one year ago which has gone untreated ever since. Although his outcome is still uncertain, the veterinary medical team is determined to stand by him during this ordeal and make sure he has every opportunity to recover. They are cautiously optimistic and have given him a guarded prognosis. This lack of essential medical treatment and care constitutes animal cruelty in the state of California and criminal charges will be pursued.

“Ongoing lack of care and failure to treat Bruce’s condition has resulted in severe emaciation,” says Steve MacKinnon, chief of humane law enforcement for San Diego Humane Society. “So far, he’s responding to treatment and we’re hoping he can make a full recovery. Denying an animal veterinary treatment and care constitutes cruelty, and our officers will be pursuing felony charges on this case.

“In this instance, Bruce’s owner chose to let Bruce suffer for over a year rather than seeking help for the dog. There’s no excuse for this and that’s why we’re pursuing criminal charges.”

On average, our humane officers respond to 2,000 reports of animal cruelty and neglect annually. When an animal is a victim of abuse, they’re unable to speak for themselves, so we rely on information from the community to report suspected cruelty and neglect.

Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of San Diego Humane Society says, “The neglect Bruce has endured is horrific and there’s no reason an animal ever needs to suffer. There are many resources available in San Diego to help provide care and veterinary support for animals in need. Pet owners can turn to us for help as well; we’ll always ensure animals have the care they need. We just have to know about them, and that’s why it’s so important for the community to be advocates for animals.”

Suspected animal cruelty or neglect can be reported to San Diego Humane Society by calling 619-299-7012.



*We can only respond to calls within our jurisdiction.


When reporting animal cruelty/neglect, gather the following information:

  • A concise, written, factual statement of what you observed—giving dates and approximate times whenever possible.
  • Photographs of the location, animals in question and the surrounding area without trespassing.
  • If you can, provide the names and contact information of other people who have firsthand information about the situation.
  • It’s possible to file an anonymous report, but consider providing your information.

While it remains unknown if Bruce will respond favorably to treatment, officials at San Diego Humane Society are hopeful he will pull through this ordeal so a new home can be found for him. “Someone out there will be willing to open their home and heart to this little guy,” said MacKinnon. “He’s suffered so much, but thanks to a concerned citizen who cared enough to call us, Bruce has a chance.”