Lucy of the #78dogs has been ADOPTED!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for this darling girl. After much deliberation, Melissa, her fiancé Sean, and their furbaby Lily were chosen to be Lucy’s new family. Melissa has extensive experience with shy dogs like Lucy, and is well-equipped to give her the patient, loving home she will need as she continues her rehabilitation.

Yesterday, Melissa first met Lucy in our play yard and spent extra time earning her trust. Lucy is not used to being outside or on a leash and was very nervous, but Melissa patiently waited for Lucy to approach on her own terms, and offered baby food as a reward for her braveness.

Today, Melissa returned with her fiancé Sean and their dog Lily. When we first met Lily, we could instantly tell she was well-loved and that this was a family who truly treats their pets like family. Lily and Lucy immediately got along and were very respectful of each other’s space. Lucy was still a bit nervous, but once our trainer brought out string cheese and hot dogs, she immediately blossomed and even jumped into Melissa’s lap a few times to get treats! Both Melissa and Sean are clearly dedicated and compassionate people who will give Lucy the same loving, safe home that they’ve given to their other dog Lily. We are so happy for this beautiful family and wish them all a lifetime of happiness!

Thank you, Nestlé Purina for making it possible for Lucy to get off to a new start in a new year with her new family!