Day Four – Lucy’s First Bath

Lucy’s Journey: From Rescue to Recovery – Day Four.

Shy and timid in her new surroundings, Lucy was given the weekend to acclimate to her new environment. She’s visited often by staff and volunteers eager to shower her with affection, and Lucy appears to be soaking up every minute of it. Every morning, she waits at the front of her kennel, eyes beaming and tail wagging, anticipating who her first visitor of the day may be. Today, Vet Assistant Sheila took a few extra minutes out of her busy day to visit with Lucy and gain her trust before taking her to our grooming station for a little pampering.

Lucy just received her first medicated bath to soothe her inflamed skin and a “paw-i-cure” to trim her overgrown nails. She’s been on medication all weekend to decrease her allergies and itching, and her skin has already greatly improved from a flaming red to a subtle pink. She’s feeling much more comfortable now that she’s itching less, and becoming more and more herself with each passing day. #78dogs