Here’s How You Helped Hurricane Victims

We are privileged to have a community that recognizes the importance of responding at a moment’s notice to disasters, like flooding and hurricanes. This video is a look at the difference your support made.

We deployed seven teams of staff, volunteers and specially trained personnel who assisted in countless ways to shelter, care and protect animals beyond San Diego. In the aftermath of the hurricanes, they:

  • rescued 700 dogs and cats along with more than 90 livestock animals and bottled fed 15 orphaned baby kittens;
  • crossed through eight states;
  • and joined up with other shelter organizations from Oregon, to Georgia, to Missouri, to North Carolina, to Texas and Florida.

We also helped at home by opening our doors to over 200 shelter animals who were transported by Wings of Rescue in collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States. This made room for animals who were separated from their families in order to improve their chances of being reunited. Most of the transported dogs and cats have found new homes, but there are a few still awaiting their new families. You can see them here.

We’re fortunate that the community of animal lovers and those whose professional lives support them are united when it comes to helping people and animals in need.

Thank you.