Chenille is an affectionate purr-machine!

Animal ID: 453933

Employee: Rebecca F.

Chenille is a sweet senior kitty currently available at our Oceanside Campus, where she has stolen quite a lot of hearts. One heart in particular belongs to Guest Relations staff member, Rebecca. Here’s what Rebecca has to say about Chenille and why she’s chosen her as her employee pick:

What do you like best about her personality?
“She’s an affectionate cat who lives for attention, loves to be pet and cuddled, and gives lots of purrs and headbutts in return.”

What first drew you to your pick?
“Her cute Siamese face and loud voice make it hard not to notice her. She’s one of the friendliest cats out there.”

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
“Her beautiful coloring and bright eyes make her stand out in a crowd.”

What is her coolest/silliest/most unique trait?
“She loves to be held like a baby and purr up a storm in your ear!”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“She’s a senior lady looking to spend her retirement relaxing and being lavished with treats and attention like the princess she is! She is a long-term cat who is ready and deserving of a loving home, and she will pay you back tenfold in companionship and love.”

Are you ready to have Chenille steal your heart, too?  Come on by our Oceanside Campus to meet her today!