Timmy is truly terrific

Animal ID: 549694

Volunteer: Robert M.

Timmy came into our care as a stray, and in pretty rough shape. He had major fur loss covering his body and red, irritated skin. Even so, he was friendly and easy to handle, according to the Humane Officers who picked him up.

Now, he is feeling much better and, although he can be a bit shy at first, Timmy warms up quickly and his adorable personality comes shining through.

Canine Companion volunteer, Robert, tells us more about this lovable guy and why he has chosen Timmy as his volunteer pick…

What do you like best about his personality?
“Timmy is very mild mannered, but still has a lot of energy when out on walks and in the play yard.”

What first drew you to your pick?
“Timmy is very loyal and affectionate with his people, and will sit on your lap and demand your attention.”

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
“Timmy looks like he is shy, but within a few moments he warms up to people. Timmy has great eyes and loves to make eye contact with people.”

What is his coolest/silliest/most unique trait?
“Timmy will demand pets and lay his head on your chest if he is not getting enough attention. It’s adorable.”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“Timmy has great kennel presence, and does not appear to allow the noises at the shelter to distract him when he is socializing with people. Timmy walks great on leash, and has plenty of energy when out and about off campus. Timmy does not appear to be overly reactive to other animals, and has had several kennel mates, with no problems noted. He’s going to make a wonderful family member.”

This adorable guy is available for adoption at our Oceanside Campus. Come on by and meet this staff & volunteer favorite Timmy today!