Let Babette Be the love of your life!

Animal ID: 167618

Volunteer: Judy

Babette is an adorable 3-year old Domestic Short Hair who has stolen quite a few hearts since coming into our care. One such heart belongs to her foster mom, Judy, who couldn’t help but sing the praises of her current houseguest. Here’s some of what Judy finds so special about her volunteer pick, Babette:

What do you like best about her personality?
“She is very sweet and loving. Once she warms up to you, she’ll ask for pets and purr all the time, and sit on your lap as long as you let her!”

What first drew you to your pick?
“Her sweet face.”

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
“Her white fur is like snow, so soft and clean.”

What is her coolest/silliest/most fun trait?
“She loves her catnip toy! She also loves toy on strings.”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“She is so neat and clean. She always uses the litter box. She never scratches the furniture, only her scratching posts! She’s shy at first but if you give her time to adjust, she will be the love of your life.”

Babette is currently available for adoption in a foster home. If you are interested in arranging an intro with this little love, please give us a call at (619) 299-7012 today!