Not your typical doggie, Spock is out of this world!

Animal ID: 261276

Volunteer: Dana O.

The shelter can be a challenging place for a “high-drive” dog. This type of dog requires constant mental and physical stimulation to be at his or her happiest and best. Requiring much more than just walks or chew toys, dogs like Spock are perfect for dog sports or “jobs” that provide this high level of stimulation. SDHS is so committed to this handsome guy’s success, that our B&T team will make sure you have everything you need when you adopt Spock, including two free follow-up private training sessions, 50% off any future private trainings and unlimited over-the-phone support. You see, we just know that this guy is more than worth the effort. Read on for some reasons why, courtesy of Behavior & Training volunteer Dana, who has chosen Spock as her volunteer pick…

What do you like best about his personality?
“Spock is BRILLIANT.”

What first drew you to your pick?
“I’m a Shepherd person and he’s a Shepherd… it was love at first sight.”

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
“Just look at him! He is a gorgeous boy!”

What is his coolest/silliest/most unique trait?
“He loves to play in water. He looks really silly splashing the water out of a baby pool.”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“I hate to admit it, but this boy is smarter than me. He learns so quickly that he really keeps you on your toes. It is very hard to stay a step ahead of him because his brain is always working things out. He has been the most challenging and the most rewarding dog that I have worked with.

If you are a high-drive-savvy dog person, then Spock will make a perfect partner for whatever dog sport or other activity you are interested in doing.”

Spock, the German Shepherd who’s truly extraordinary, is available for adoption at our Oceanside Campus. Come on by and meet this staff & volunteer favorite today!