Reese is ready to be the queen of your castle!

Animal ID: 276737

Employee: Kathy G.

Change can be hard, so our hearts went out to Reese when she was relinquished into our care after being in a home for 9 years. She was in a new and foreign environment, and understandably, she needed time to adjust.

We are so glad that we’ve been able to give her the time she has needed to acclimate and feel safe again. It has been a treat for the staff and volunteers at our Oceanside Campus to watch her blossom.

Adoption Counselor, Kathy, tells us more about this remarkable kitty and why she has chosen Reese has her Employee Pick…

What do you like best about her personality?
“Reese has begun to show that she has a wonderful personality that goes with her beautiful looks.”

What first drew you to your pick?
“Reese has really become solicitous and less over-stimulated since being moved from the cat community room to her own ‘private’ room.”

Is there something special about the way your pick looks?
“She is absolutely gorgeous as anyone can see by her pictures. Her coat is her highlight and she has loved to be brushed.”

What is her coolest/silliest/most unique trait?
“She is a little sassy, and obviously wants to be the ‘bell of the ball,’ but that’s something we all know and understand about her. She would do wonderfully as the queen of her castle in her next home; I think a bed that is of the palace theme would suit her!”

Anything else you’d like to add?
“It has been an absolute joy for the staff and volunteers to see her transformation from not always enjoying the company of people and only allowing limited physical contact, to an engaging, loving cat who relishes being fussed over while she ‘cat chats’ with you!”

This sweet & sassy staff favorite is available for adoption at our Oceanside Campus. Come on by and meet Reese today!