Adopt Birdie and help him fly!

Animal ID: 554172 

Ever notice how loud noises and sudden movements can cause a little birdie to fly away in an instant? Well, perhaps that is the reason that 1-year-old Birdie was given his name. Birdie was very fearful when our Humane Officers first found him and brought him into our care.  It is likely that he had not received enough positive human interaction or attention during his formative puppy phase. It’s also true that some animals (like our little Birdie here) tend to be more sensitive to, and scared by, the noises and bigness of the world around them. Even so, this timid guy is making a lot of progress in our care and we think that with the stability and security of a quiet, patient home, the sky’s the limit for this Birdie!

We think that Birdie would do best with another dog in the home, so if you have a social resident doggie, please bring them in for an intro!

What do you say, are you willing to take Birdie under your wing and give him the time and patience he needs to truly thrive?

Come and meet this sweet, shy boy at our Oceanside Campus today!