Beautiful? Smart? …Ellie!!


Animal ID: 181320

This 3-year old beauty has really come a long way while in our care.

The German Shepherd mix first came into our care as a stray, and she was positively terrified. With a little time, although still skiddish, she started wagging her tail when staff approached. A little later still, Ellie started to solicit play and affection.

She has also done well in several dog playgroups but can sometimes be a bit selective with her doggie friends, so we recommend a doggie intro for anyone who has another dog at home.

Ellie is definitely a smartypants, as well, and has learned sit, lay down, army crawl, and shake! We would love to see her go to a home interested in continuing her training, as the mental enrichment is extremely beneficial for her, especially given her fearfulness and some over-excitement/arousal behaviors she can display once she gets to know you. In a lot of ways, this lovely lady still acts like a puppy, and will greatly benefit from lots of exercise and positive reinforcement to help her be more calm and relaxed.

We just know that there’s a special family out there who’ll be willing to continue with her training and help her achieve even more success as she learns proper “petiquette.”

Won’t you give this gorgeous gal a chance to prove what a wonderful companion she can be?

If you would like to meet Ellie, please call 619.299.7012 to arrange an intro! Please have her Animal ID ready so that we may best help you.