Blake: a special love in need of a special home

Animal ID: 192297

We know that it will take a very special someone, with a very special heart, to adopt sweet Blake.

Guests typically do not come to our shelter looking to adopt a 14-year old doggie, but because we don’t believe that anyone’s value is dictated by their age, we know that Blake is every bit as deserving of a loving home as any of our other beloved animals. And, despite her advanced age, she is in surprisingly good condition! Oh sure, she has a few less teeth in her mouth than she used to, and her eyes get a little dry and need some ointment, but she is otherwise quite a happy, social and even spry lil’ gal!  Blake loves to be held and spend time with her people and doggie friends alike. She walks well on leash and simply loves attention. Won’t you give this wonderful lady a loving home in which she can spend her golden years?

Blake is currently in a foster home. If you would like to meet this sweet senior, please give us a call at 619.299.7012 to arrange an intro! Please have her Animal ID (192297) ready so that we may best help you.