Certain to make you smile, meet Milo!

Animal ID: 451727

Milo lived in a home for almost his entire life before he was relinquished into our care. Not surprisingly, living in a shelter has been a bit of an adjustment. But to those who have gone slowly, and given Milo the time he needs to build trust, this handsome ginger has shown what a sweet and affectionate boy he really is.

In his previous home, the resident dog seemed to really scare Milo, so a dog-free home would be best. He has coexisted well with other cats but benefits from slow introductions and space to himself, as do most of our feline friends, if we’re being honest. Milo would also do best in a cat-savvy home, where his family can read his body language and not force handling or interactions that he is not in the mood for, as he can be a bit particular with how he’s touched.

While he may not always love to be picked up and held, Milo has an enormous heart with tons of love to share. So what do you say? Come and meet this sweet, shy boy at our Oceanside Campus today!