Hold up your glass for a special toast!

Animal ID: 183835

9-month old Toast is definitely something to talk about. This playful, sassy gal was originally brought to our shelter by a good samaritan. The tuxedo kitty was extremely scared and needed lots of time to acclimate and learn to trust her caregivers. Thankfully, we were able to give her just that.

When a cat has had little-to-no social interaction with people during their most critical socialization window as a kitten, they never quite learn how to be a typical “pet” – one who is comfortable with petting and handling and new people. But, although Toast may never be a social butterfly with strangers, she has shown us that she does enjoy her human friends and once she’s had plenty of time to get to know you, she will even solicit affection and rub against you offering plenty of purrs!

We think this gal would be a great addition to a cat-savvy home, where she could have plenty of independence and room to roam. She is extremely playful, you see, and has an adorably exuberant personality.  Toast is known for being very vocal when she plays, too, offering all sorts of chirps and meows and trills. She loves toys of every kind and has even played a few rounds of fetch with her caregiver!

Do you have room in your heart and home for this fun and feisty gal? If you’ll only give her the time she needs to warm up, we’re certain that Toast will show you why she’s well worth the wait!


If you would like to meet Toast, please call 619.299.7012 to arrange an intro. Please have her Animal ID (183835) ready so that we may best help you.