Jenny & Lucy – 2 peas in a pod!

Animal IDs: 169507 & 169508

Jenny & Lucy were relinquished into our care back in March of 2015. The year-old sisters were extremely fearful and quick to hide from anyone who approached.

They were enrolled at our Behavior Center, where trainers worked to build trust with the shrinking violets and increase their confidence and sociability. Though they both made progress at our shelter, it wasn’t until the two kitties were placed into a foster home that they really started to shine.

Reading the notes from their foster mommy, it is clear just how far they have come. Initially hiding and only coming out for food, Lucy and Jenny took a couple of weeks to start feeling safe and confident enough to really explore their surroundings, especially if any humans happened to be around. But once they discovered the excitement of cat trees, made some new friends (with the other cats in the home), and came to learn that humans aren’t so scary after all (and, in fact, they tend to be the providers of all feasts) – well, that’s when their progress really gained speed.

Lucy is the most social of the two, and their foster mom says she no longer acts shy or timid in the least. On the contrary, Lucy now loves soliciting attention and play, rolling around on the carpet or offering “meows” to state her request. She also gets along well with the other cats in the home and loves to cuddle up with them and her foster mom. Jenny has made tremendous progress as well, though she still gets startled over sudden movements and is lightly less vocal. Both cats enjoy affection and being pet – with ear and neck rubs at the top of their list – but neither are big fans of being picked up and held for much more than 15 seconds or so.

Lucy and Jenny are a bonded pair, which means they will need to be adopted into the same loving home. That’s twice the love and companionship, twice the adorableness, and twice the personality – all for the price of just one adoption fee!

If you would like to meet this adorable duo, please call 619.299.7012 for an appointment. Please have their Animal IDs ready so that we can best help you.