Mahhhhvelous Maya!!


Animal ID: 75976

Maya and that simply mahhhvelous smile of hers (see right, for further clarification) are capable of turning any gloomy day into one with nothing but blue skies! This affect on people is quite remarkable, especially given the fact that the five-year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix came from a rough background. Our Humane Officers found the sweet girl tethered outdoors with no food, water, or shelter. We were all too happy to bring her into our care where she could receive the TLC she so desperately deserved.

Maya is very house-broken and does well on walks, especially with the help of a harness (since she is a rather strong gal). She has a lot of energy and spunk, making her an ideal running partner. In fact, she frequently accompanies our staff and volunteers on runs and has great stamina. We’ve also discovered that Maya absolutely LOVES playing with the hose and chasing the water. It’s pretty adorable to watch her go!

Maya can be reactive to other dogs and selective with her doggie friends, so we recommend that she be the only dog in the home. She seems to be more calm and relaxed away from the shelter, and also after physical activity, so we can’t wait for her to find a loving home – especially one that will give her plenty of exercise! In return, she will offer you some of her famous “leaning” as you pet her, as well as a lifetime of big goofy smiles and lots of love.

If you would like to meet Maya the magnificent, please call 619.299.7012 to arrange an intro. Please have her Animal ID (75976) ready so that we may best help you.