Nothin’ but “bleu” skies with this gal!

Animal ID: 186639

Hello there! My name’s Bleu, and I am one beeeautiful, long-haired lady who cannot wait to find a special home where I can give and get tons of love. While it’s true that at 15 years old I am in my goldenest of golden years, when you consider the fact that cats have 9 lives, you can rest assured that I’ve got at least a few more to enjoy!

So let me tell you a little bit about myself and the wonderful companion I am…

I am currently a beloved office cat, endearing myself to all the staff members who meet me. I am doing much better in this environment than I was in the cat housing, and do tend to feel more content and at ease without other felines around. I love to purr, knead, and find patches of sunlight coming through the window in which I can
sunbathe. I love my Bleu 186639 - headshothuman friends and am a sweetly affectionate lap kitty, all without being too needy. It would seem at my age I’ve managed to achieve a most wonderful balance of social and independent, playful and mellow, and magnificent yet modest. I’m also known for being quite the adorable conversationalist. I’m told my raspy meows are irresistible!

So come on over to the San Diego Campus on Gaines Street and ask to meet the beautiful, blues-singing feline named Bleu and let’s start a bleutiful friendship together. What do ya say?!

Also, since I am part of the Special Pets for Special People program, my adoption fee has been waived! (…just further evidence that I am priceless!)

Call (619.299.7012) or come by today to arrange an intro with me (don’t forget to have my animal ID ready – 186639 – it makes it easier).