Regis: Really Remarkable!


Animal ID: 179202

Some doggies, like myself, have a hard time attracting potential adopters because we can appear unfriendly or stressed out in our kennels. But, if you could imagine it from our perspective, you’d see that it can feel very scary and claustrophobic to have a stranger standing and staring at us, blocking our only entrance/exit. The thing is, once you get me out of the kennel, I am a social guy, if slightly shy with new people (men, in particular). And as soon as I get to know you, that’s when my sweet and affectionate personality really shines through!

So, a little information about me…
I am 2 years old and in excellent health. I am a Pharaoh Hound/Lab mix (pretty cool, huh?) and I was brought in after a Good Samaritan saw me get hit by a car. Thank goodness I only suffered a few scratches! I guess you could say I’m a pretty tough cookie. Maybe more like an Oreo though… y’know, with a sweet and soft center? 🙂

Anyway, I would sure love to meet you and get a chance to win your heart. And even though I may not be the savviest with other doggies, I do like’em a whole heck of a lot! So if you have another dog in the home – that’s awesome! I would like to meet’m first, though.

Ooh! And did I mention that I’m housebroken and walk well on leash?? AND that I know “sit,” “down,” and a number of other commands?

Ooh! Ooh! And LOVE toys, too!

So give the San Diego Humane Society a call at 619.299.7012 to arrange an intro with me (don’t forget to have my animal ID ready – 179202 – it makes it easier).

I can’t wait to meet you!