Shia’s Ready for Love

Animal ID: 276287

Shia was found tied to the outer gate of our Escondido Campus, along with another dog*. The 1-year old Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler mix appeared to be in pain and was favoring her hind leg. We immediately examined her and found that she needed an FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) in order to alleviate the pain. We wasted no time performing the surgery and showering her with love.

She is recovering beautifully but, understandably, is taking a bit of time to adjust. Shia is cautious of new people at first but if you are patient and go slowly, you will see first-hand how snuggly and affectionate she can be once a little trust has been established. She has done well with the few brief interactions she’s had with other dogs here, so if you have another dog in the home, we recommend that you bring them in for an introduction to see if it’s the right fit.

Shia will need continued encouragement to remain calm and to not overexert herself and she continues to heal from her surgery.

We just know that with a little time & patience, and a lot of  love, Shia will truly blossom! So what do you say?

Shia is currently housed out of public view at our Escondido Campus, please come on by to meet her today!

*The doggie who was tied to the gate with her has already been adopted. 🙂