Sweet, smart… Stella is Stellar!

Animal ID: 271403

Stella, the sweet 2-year old Dutch Shepherd mix, was recently relinquished into our care by her former owner because the landlord would not allow pets in the home. Though it is always sad when this happens, they were able to provide us with quite a lot of information about this special girl since they’d had her since she was 3 months old. They said that two of Stella’s favorite things are squeaky toys and running (and we have quickly been able to confirm that during her time in our care), and that what they loved most about her is how loving and affectionate she is. (And again, her sweet temperament became readily apparent to us, as well.) 🙂

She has definitely become a staff and volunteer favorite in her short time with us. When asked about Stella, the Behavior & Training coordinator at our Escondido Campus was quick to sing her praises, saying, “Once Stella gets comfortable, she is very affectionate and enjoys relaxing and laying beside you while being pet. Stella especially loves neck scratches and pets on her back. Stella is very smart, knows sit and loves to train.”

This lovable lady can be a little cautious of strangers at first, so she’s looking for a new family who will continue with her positive reinforcement training (tip: treats have proven quite helpful when working with her). Stella also will require a securely fenced yard as she has some escape tendencies, a behavior often found in some of the smartest of doggies, and those most in need of physical and mental enrichment. But smartypants Stella is eager to learn and eager to please and has proven herself to be a fantastic student while in our care, so we think this girl has boundless potential!

So what do you say? Are you looking for a smart, beautiful, energetic doggie to fill your life with love and adventure? Stella is ready to take the job!

Stella is currently housed out of public view at our Escondido Campus, please come on by to meet her today!