Thoroughly Marvelous Millie!!

Animal ID: 176210

Put simply, Millie is a total sweetheart who sees every person she meets as a new friend in the making! And let’s face it, friends come easy when you are as friendly, wiggly, and affectionate as this gal. She’s known in particular for the way she likes to leans into you when being pet, for that adorably squishy face of hers, and for her not-so-subtle invitations for tummy rubs by rolling over on her back when she sees the opportunity.

The 6-year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix is also quite the smartypants and loves to learn new things (especially if treats are involved!). She is easy on leash and very good about “checking in” with her human, ever eager to please. Of course, that may or may not tend to go out the window if she spots a squirrel in the vicinity… otherwise, you should be all good! 🙂

Millie initially was transferred into our care from another shelter due to extreme kennel stress. Some dogs can find the shelter environment overwhelming, which isn’t surprising when you consider all of the smells, animals, and noise that a shelter environment may introduce. Thankfully, we were able to place Millie at our Sherman Street Campus (typically closed to the public), and give her some space away from the hustle and bustle that can be stressful. We hope that her new home can provide her with a nice calm environment, too, since Millie can get a little overly aroused otherwise.

We believe that a calm, loving home will be just what Millie needs to truly shine! Even though she’s not as stressed as she initially was, we can still tell that this little snuggle-bug seems more relaxed the further she gets from the shelter – making her a simply perfect candidate for our Canine Adventure Program, in which volunteers take shelter doggies out on excursions. Millie has thoroughly enjoyed her outings to places like Balboa Park, where she can get away from it all while taking in new sights and making lots new friends! Millie also was picked to take a field trip to the CBS studios where she was featured in a “Pet Friends” segment. Click here to check it out! What a star she is!

Millie tends to do just fine with other dogs nearby, but she doesn’t have the best manners when meeting and playing with other dogs, so we would recommend she be the only pet in the home.

She has so much love to give – we simply can’t wait for her to find that special someone to whom she can give it! Is it you??

If you are interested in meeting this sweetie pie of a doggie, please call 619.299.7012 or come on by our San Diego Campus to arrange an intro! Please have her Animal ID ready (176210) so that we may best help you.