Whitney needs a little time, but she’s worth the wait!

Animal ID: 283374

Living in a cat habitat was a little too stressful for sweet Whitney, so she’s been hiding out in our Communications office and charming our staff behind the scenes with her super sweet and gentle disposition. It took her a while to feel safe and start to show her true colors, but recently she’s warmed up and you should hear her motor! When it comes to purring, Whitney is a champion.

She also loves pets and will give you a little hip check from time to time to let you know you’re doing it right. Whitney tends to head for her own food bowl when people eat in the office (she’s a social eater), and she spends a lot of time sleeping in what we call her “taco” (a cozy black mat). She likes to burrow during nap time, but she also welcomes a little head scratching by visitors.

Whitney needs an adopter who will go slowly with her, building trust and allowing her to get comfy in her surroundings, so she can blossom into the lap cat lurking in her soul. The office is a little noisy for her to feel at ease, so she would do best in a quieter home.

Ask to meet Whitney at the San Diego Campus today! We’ll even send her home with her “taco” to help her transition go as smoothly as possible.