Willow is a sensitive soul looking for love

Animal ID: 279426

Willow is a sweet, shy kitty who was relinquished by her owner back in May due to allergies. She had been in a home since she was a kitten, so shelter life has been hard on this sensitive soul, as the noises and strangers looking at her proved quite scary. Because of this, we decided to place her in a foster home and we are told by her foster mom that things are going well and that the 2-year-old silver tabby is beginning to come out of her shell little by little. Although she is still wary of the humans in the household, Willow gets along wonderfully with the resident kitty, and we think that having another social cat in the home could be helpful for Willow to feel most comfortable and to truly thrive.

While she may not love to be picked up and held, Willow still has an enormous heart with tons of love to share. Can you give her the time and patience she needs to feel safe and come out of her shell? To arrange an intro, please give us a call at 619-299-7012 or come to our  Oceanside Campus today!