Ace’s Story

Adopted from Escondido Campus


I wanted to let the ladies who helped me find my cat, Ace, know how much of a blessing he’s been for me. 

I adopted Ace about two years ago from your Escondido location. I went in wanting an adult cat who was very independent and good with dogs. The ladies that were there that day directed me to Ace (who was Rocky in the shelter). He was about 6 years old, very timid, and very quiet.

When I got him home, he found his way into a drawer and hid there for a few days. My boyfriend was the only one who he would let pet him, but he never scratched or bit, or even tried. He was so skittish for the first few months. At the time that was exactly what I wanted, a companion that was there, but not too needy.

Two years later he has turned into the companion that I needed. He is very vocal, loves cuddles, is always under foot, and loves our dog to pieces. (They are always taking naps together). He always knows when I’m sad and takes extra care to come curl up with me and calm me down. 

I know this is a super long email, and I don’t know if the ladies that were there are even working at the Escondido location anymore, but I really wanted to thank them for their amazing recommendation. He is exactly the critter I needed, and I didn’t even know it!

Thanks for reading, attached are a couple pictures of him being adorable.

Jessica W.

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