Bleu’s Story

(a.k.a. Mouth)
Adopted from San Diego Campus

Hi Jenna,

I just wanted to share my adoption success story with you. I hope you and the shelter have a wonderful year ahead! Thank you for my best friend!

In the summer of 2015, my parents moved from a good-sized house into a small condominium. With this change came my family’s forced acceptance of the fact that this would be an unsuitable environment for our 10-year-old West Highland White Terrier. So, my sisters and I (essentially Tundra’s four mothers) sat down and hashed out a plan: Tundra would go and live with one of my sisters in San Francisco, but would come home to visit whenever she could. I was absolutely devastated.

Within a few months, I found myself visiting the humane society’s website almost daily—looking for an animal I thought would be a great fit in my home.

Eventually, I decided to venture down to the Gaines Street campus myself and see if there was somebody there who might be perfect for me.

I had my heart set on a cat, and when I met the scrawny alley cat who was playing with his littermates in the shelter’s shop, I knew he was right for me.

Fast-forward almost a year, and Bleu (a.k.a Mouth) has blossomed into an extraordinarily well-adjusted, social and loving cat. The scrawny kitten I saw at the humane society has grown from a two-pound runt into a healthy 10-pound one-year-old. He wants nothing more in life than the occasional piece of chicken and a good scratch behind the ears. He has taken to sleeping on a plush blanket at the foot of my bed and loves nothing more than sunbathing for hours on end. My parents and sisters are all just as infatuated with him as I am. I am forever grateful to the Humane Society for this wonderful addition to my family.

Best, Adrienne


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