Charlile’s Story

(a.k.a. Katniss)
Adopted from Escondido Campus

So I adopted this tiny little kitten back in September at the Escondido branch. She literally changed my life. She is probably the most spoiled little princess you could possibly find. To her own room, her 8 foot cat tower, down to her knowing she gets toys every time she gets food. She was extremely scared of people when I brought her home. But now I wake up every morning and she has taken over my pillow from myself and her dog brother Klause. She knows she runs the house because she can never do any wrong because she looks at me with those beautiful eyes and I can’t help but just smile and hug her. We do enjoy our dinners together. She knows her spot in the seat and waits for her medley fancy feast to be served. I can’t imagine my life without my little Charlile and hopefully adding a friend for her eventually!


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