Finn’s Story

(formerly Jet)
Adopted from Oceanside Campus


I just wanted to give you a little update on Jet. We settled on a name, Finn, and he responds to it quite well! He’s a great listener and has been doing well at his training lessons. Finn loves to go on walks- he’s been to Lake Murray, Cowles Mountain, Sunset Cliffs, Florida Canyon, and many other places around San Diego! He’s been wonderful on leash, he loves to meet dogs on his walks, although he’s still a little apprehensive about men. We’re working on it. He’s adjusted so well to his life here- I’m so excited for the adventures ahead. Thank you once again for allowing him to join our family. 

Here are some photos of Finn, including some from our 6am hike up Cowles Mountain this morning to watch the sunrise!



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