Fred’s Story

Adopted from San Diego Campus

Fred Yanin

Fred Drinkin

I adopted little Fred a year ago when my room mate and I heard about the amazing discount on kittens at the San Diego Humane Society for $10 each! We decided it was fate, and she drove me and sat with me to wait our turn to pick out our new kitten. I immediately picked up this tiny gray and black striped kitten that was asleep on the chair and fell in love. Fred is definitely the king of our apartment, and all of my room mates and I love having him around to cuddle when college gets too stressful. He travels with me when I go home on breaks from school and is best friends with our family dog. His long, curly tail and love for playing fetch clearly make him a unique kitten, and I am so glad my room mate and I decided to adopt our special little “discount kitty” a year ago.

Thank you!


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