Grace’s Story

Adopted from Escondido Campus

My husband and I adopted our sweet girl in October from the Escondido Campus of the San Diego Humane Society.

Her name is Grace, and she is now a 3-year old Border Collie Mix, which we found out from the vet. We faced a lot of hesitation when adopting her due to her being relinquished twice previously to the shelter.  We thought long and hard about it, and after finding out she was border collie it helped us understand her behaviors and it also helped us understand how to fix them. She was incredibly leash and dog reactive when we adopted her, and she was insecure. After 2 months of hour long walks and trips to socialize with other dogs, Grace has turned into the sweetest and most loving dog we have every met. She loves to go to work with her daddy, and she loves taking long walks with mommy! She now doesn’t pull on the leash, and doesn’t bark at most dogs she sees. She now knows to sit when we see other people or dogs walking by us!

We wanted to share an update with you and your team for helping us find her and give her the life she deserves. We couldn’t imagine our life without her and we are excited to have such a loving and sweet new member to our family.  Grace has found her forever home!

(The last picture is Grace at work with my husband, where she loves to lay right under his feet all day.)

We hope you enjoy, and if this can get to the Escondido staff who helped us, Linda in adoptions, and Stephanie the Trainer,  that would be amazing!

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Brittnee R.

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