Iris’s Story

Adopted from San Diego Campus

Good afternoon,

I was originally going to get a kitten for my fiancee. Well, this cat was curled into a ball and looked smaller than I thought. One of the staff members opened the cage for me and she immediately rolled onto her back and opened her arms so I could pet her belly and she instantly started purring. This was her 3rd time up for adoption at the Humane Society, but they told me it was because the previous 2 households had allergies they were unaware of.

Ever since I brought her home she has made fans of everyone that visits. She’s not shy, she doesn’t hurt the furniture, she loves cuddling and every morning I know when it’s 2am because she sticks her face in mine and starts purring until I give her at least 5 mins of love before she’ll let me back to sleep.

This cat is deeply loved and adored by myself and my fiancee and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Even better, she and the dog get along great and can even be caught cuddling from time to time.

Thank you, Alex (April, 2016)

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