Kimmi & Bowie’s Story

Adopted from San Diego Campus

Good afternoon!

I’m writing to share with you pictures of our two dogs, which we adopted from the humane society.

Kimmi was adopted in November. I fell in love with Kimmi immediately once I heard she was originally rescued from a dog mill in Korea and was still the sweetest dog ever, then it turned out we actually have the same birthday! When we first got her, my fiancee had to lift her into the back seat and sit with her because she was so scared. Now she loves car rides, especially sticking her head out of the window. Even after having such a rough start in life, she has the best temperament and we are going to classes so she can one day be a therapy dog.

A month later we thought Kimmi needed a friend and adopted an 8-week old foxhound/lab puppy who was born at the humane society, who we named Bowie. Bowie has endless puppy energy, loves to play catch, going running at Sunset Cliffs, and is working really hard at Puppy Preschool every week.

They have been inseparable ever since, they love sleeping with each other and really are best friends. Kimmi is protective over her little brother, and teaches him how to be the best dog possible.

They are seriously the best dogs anyone could ever ask for and we thank the humane society and especially Kaitlyn (she was the adoption counselor who helped us adopt both dogs) for being there and helping us start our new family.

I’ve attached probably too many photos of our super adorable pups.


Danni O.

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