Regis’ Story

Adopted from Sherman Street Campus

Just a note to thank you for all that you did for my husband, me, Regis and all of the other God’s creatures that you make a difference in their lives. We already love Regis and he seems to be adjusting well. It broke our heart to see him looking back at you over the car seat as long as he could still see you. But then he put his head between the seat for us to pet him. After that, he laid down and napped except at stop lights. He seems happy with his new home. He walked through the house and we showed him where his personal area was. Then he did a second time around and lifted his hind leg and peed on the sofa. He was so confused when I told him “No” that he came over to me and sat down and looked me in the eyes. He is very intelligent and seems to understand it was a mistake. He likes being around us and will lean against my legs for petting and lay on his back near my husband to get his tummy rubbed. 

Sierra and Regis seem to be adjusting to each other quicker than anticipated. We still keep him in his own room part of the time but I put him on a leash and take them out for walks together and they like that and interact with each other for short periods of time before going in their own directions to explore. He likes to explore everything. Every corner of the yard and house including the counter tops. It is funny to watch. He is wary of ceiling fans and is learning to be careful of which objects, cacti or prickly plants to lift his hind leg on. He loves to look out of all the windows, even pushing the drapes aside on some to make sure that the view is nice every where. He is eating right, doing his doggie business normally and slept quietly through the entire night. He may have been a “Hidden Gem” but he is a “Precious Gem” to us.

Thank you again. You really make a difference.

Your friends,

Carol, Orval, Sierra & Regis

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