Romeo’s Story

(a.k.a. Shmoopy)
Adopted from Oceanside Campus

This is in regards to Shmoopy. This wasn’t his name before so they said I could change it.  His new name is Romeo Kingsley Hudson!

I adopted him Sunday, Dec 6th. He has been 100% housebroken from the day I brought him home, not one single accident!  I do not kennel him because it’s not necessary. He’s well behaved and very obedient. I haven’t had any problems with him whatsoever!  We go running every morning all around my neighborhood. He sleeps all through the night with me. He loves to cuddle. He’s very good in the car, just gets in his bed and goes to sleep. There are no separation anxiety issues because if I leave for even five minutes, he gets in my bed and goes to sleep. He is the perfect dog!  He is truly my doggie soulmate and I will keep him forever!  I’m thinking he could live another nine years!

I want to personally thank the Oceanside Humane Society on Airport Road for all their help in the adoption process and a special shout out to Shannon!  You were fun to talk to and you made the entire process quick, fun, and easy. So, thank you sweets!

Also, I want to personally thank you, Jen, for being such a caring person about my story!  You really cared and stayed on the phone with me to hear all about this happy ending. You and Shannon deserve a raise because you both really care about these dogs and the adoption process!

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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