Toby’s Story

(a.k.a. Jacob)
Adopted from Oceanside Campus


Hello! A year ago yesterday, I brought home Jacob and wanted to share our story of his year and the time we’ve had together with you all! 

Jacob was found wandering in Oceanside and brought in by some kind person to the loving care of the Humane Society! He was treated for mange and, according to the nice ladies who helped me meet him, nobody really looked at him for almost six months! This confused me because when I saw Jacob on the website, I thought, “What a cutie!” and came in the next day! Jacob was timid and independent, his fur was a bit patchy and he was careful with how many licks he doled out. I couldn’t wait to give him a forever home and a brother, my then four-year-old corgi, Tank! 

I brought Jacob home and decided to rename him Toby. Toby and Tank instantly bonded – they played similarly and both appreciated their alone time. We quickly learned that Toby loves to sleep, eat and poop. He’s not vocal (leaves the barking to Tank…) and enjoys sitting on your lap even when it isn’t convenient to you. 

With Tank and I, Toby met the TV, the car, and the ocean – all of which he was skeptical of at first, but he now could give two hoots about the TV, he’s a bit unsure in the car unless there are treats, and he’ll dip his toes into the ocean but prefers the warm sand. Oh, yeah, he LOVES the sun. He’ll find the only spot in our apartment where the sun is shining in during the day and take a nice nap in it. His fur is grown back, he’s put on a couple of healthy pounds, and he’s even developed some sass! He loves food, howls at sirens, and walks on the kitchen counter when mom isn’t looking. He needs a crate for his anxiety when left alone because he has accidents but we are still patiently working on breaking that! 

He is a great little dog. I love his honey eyes, his little brown nose, the way he puts his head out the window of the car so his ears blow up slightly in the breeze, and the way his tail wags so hard sometimes that it taps each side of his hips back and forth. What an opportunity to give this pup with a backstory we’ll never know a happy life of sleeping on human beds, getting yummy treats, taking dips in the ocean and hikes in the mountains, and finding the perfect sun spot to take a nap in. 

I hope this story makes you all smile and I really hope that someone reading remembers little Jacob! He’s a happy, healthy pup these days. Thank you for all that you do for all dogs. They all deserve a happy story like Toby’s!

Best, Alexandra (April 5, 2016)

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