Bequests & Estates

Thank you so very much for your consideration of San Diego Humane Society as you make plans for the distribution of your estate.

We hope you will consider remembering San Diego Humane Society in your will or trust, or by setting up a charitable gift annuity or naming San Diego Humane Society as a beneficiary of your retirement or your life insurance accounts. With your help, we can continue to support our programs and services and help our beloved animals long into the future.

You can also choose to restrict your gift to one of our campuses, programs or services, including the receiving and adoption of animals, education outreach programs, our spay and neuter program, animal cruelty investigations, Pet-Assisted Therapy, Project Wildlife program, PAWS San Diego program and more. To learn more about our programs and services that you may have an interest and passion for, please feel free to contact us.

At San Diego Humane Society, we know that pets are not merely animal companions, they are members of your family. Provisions for your pet(s) should be included in your will or living trust, just like you would if you were appointing a guardian to take care of your children.

We always recommend providing for your pet(s) in your will or trust. We can always take your pet(s) or you can name SDHS as a backup. To learn more about our Pet Guardian Program, click here.


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